0003.jpegWhen we say that we are ‘this’ or ‘that’, what we do is add to the ‘I Am’.
The ‘I Am’ does not need anything added to it. It is sufficient to itself.
However, its sufficiency gains seeming insufficiency when we add any ‘thing’ to it (in a hard way).

The major point, most often glossed over continually, is that adding anything to the ‘I Am’ is the problem. What is accomplished by adding a noun, is that the noun is what is remembered. What is immediately forgotten is the significance of the ‘I Am’.

The ‘I Am’ is a verb, both linguistically and synergistically. The ‘I Am’ is aliveness that is ‘still’ yet the center of all movement. There is no place where the ‘I Am’ is not. Where isn’t existence?

0002When we add to ‘I Am’ we add an idea or concept that separates into dockets of stuff that have no real substance. This is a conceptual outcome that is miles from the pith. It is the pith that gives everything substance. Without the ‘I Am’ there is nothing. With the ‘I Am’ there can be nothingness/everything.

So, in our day-to-day introductions we say we are ‘this’ and ‘that’. These nouns are meaningful only when ‘I Am’ is prefaced. We almost never just say engineer, doctor, president, lawyer.  That would be insufficient in most cases. The ‘I Am’ owns everything. Sufficiency arises.

However, we engage in glaring insufficiency when we get stuck in the noun of who we seemingly are. Arriving at the noun stops the freedom of the verb-ing of life that ‘I Am’ is. Life never stops no matter how much we try to stop it. Locking unto the noun of who we think we are, is an anathema to Being.

0004We are not concepts. We are before concepts. That is the ‘I Am’ with no need to be anything but Beingness.

Casual misidentification with nouns takes us out of the Nowness of Being and throws us into the orbit of trying and becoming with help from the illusion of future. There is no trying and there is no becoming when we are eternally effortlessly Being Now.

The ‘I Am’ is both the doorway to heaven or the doorway to hell. The heaven of effortless Love loving Love or the dead end struggle of false self trying to get out of false self, are options available to us.

The ‘I Am’ does not start in a cognitive place. We cannot think our way there. However, we can think our way away from the ’I Am’ . The spiritual heart space versus the head space, is where the felt sense of Self arises. The heart does not calculate, it resonates Love effortlessly.

0000.jpegThere are no ideas in Being. Existence is life. Life is living us. The ‘I Am’ is life unrestrained and free. To force ‘life’ into a noun is to inhibit Ourselves as life itself.

Love the ‘I Am’ as there is no other. Add only nothing to Nothingness.0001


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