To suggest that we wait, is to suggest that we don’t want the present. To not want the present is to push against “What Is”. To push against the “What Is” is to refuse to be Present.

This pushing creates resistance and stress because the flow of Life is stopped by a blockage in our ‘self’. To say ‘no’ is to become the dictator of Life itself. Life does not need a little dictator to show up and take over the monumental task of Being Life. That is always what Life Is and gives us; perfectly and effortlessly putting everything together in a coherent way. No little dictator has that capacity.

Waiting seems like an innocuous activity. Waiting is more so an undermining activity of suspended activity. When we wait, we essentially ‘want’ what is present to pass so we can go to some future that is more palatable than what is showing up in this very moment. Waiting is a seeming stop to seemingly wait for something better to happen. Illusion shows up.

Waiting can never be in the Now as there is no waiting in the Now. To wait in the Now is to have the mutual exclusivity of not being in the Now. Any movement away from the Now is precisely that.

Waiting is not neutral. Waiting is a seemingly soft argument with what is happening in this moment. ‘Accepting’ certainly cannot be said to have been occurring while waiting, can it?

The connection to the Now is not extant when not Being in the Now. It is a disconnect from the Now as we have removed our home of Awareness outside of ‘Being’ Awareness, to being the phenomena of time-based existence.

The Now is not in time. Time is a derivative of timelessness aka the Now. Time has a past and future suggesting a doer, thinker, haver, meditator, et al. Oneness is not in time. Oneness cannot be in time as time is a creation that cannot hold Oneness. Time is ideal for a false self.

The Now is Oneness as there is no birth or death nor beginning or end of Oneness. The timelessness of Now is a characteristic of Oneness. Duality is only present in time. Duality is the dreaming of time within timelessness.

Waiting is also what is NOT happening. Since ‘waiting’ is a form of pushing then it means that we push away what is happening and create illusion of what is not happening. We remove ourselves from reality and distort our time and space.

When we let Life happen, Life clearly happens with no distortion and no need to bracket or check in with our likes and/or dislikes. It Is just happening, nothing added.

The felt sense of existence is in the Now. There is no time where the Now is not nor our existence, our essential nature, is ever not Present. The appearance of not Being Present is just a fleeting appearance. Now is never really in time. It Is only Now.

Do not wait for anything. ’That’ is movement away from Presence Itself. Be free in the timelessness of this Moment by fully accepting “What Is”.

“When you make the present moment the focal point of your life instead of past and future, your ability to enjoy what you do, and with it the quality of your life, increases dramatically.” -Eckhart Tolle 

It Is all We have Now. Loving Now Is Loving always.  Daddy’O


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