GP2C3391.jpegLove Is. Unconditionality immediately shows up, as there is no preference for anything. All ‘things’ are in Love and ultimately are Love. The ‘Everything’ Is Love.

The ‘love’ that is practiced is ‘practiced’. Trying to Love is not Love as there is no ’trying’ in Love. To suggest that we ‘practice’ Love is to not Know Love. There is nothing that can be practiced. Again, Love Is. To practice Love is to pretend that we know who we are. To pretend our ‘existence’ is a very harsh interpretation of the directness and simplicity of existence.

Love Is existence in its prior-ness to everything else. Existence as Love is just that. There is nothing that can be added to the prior-ness. Adding to the prior-ness does not change the prior-ness or Love. But adding and conditioning things is not existence or Love.

Things will be added to the starting point but then that is no longer the starting point. The Formless is no longer the Formless.

GP2C3389Who we Are is not the idolatry of self, globbing attachments, reinforcements, and protections to preserve the glaring illusion of ‘me’. For the ’me’ to practice Love is to underscore the illusion that becomes the ‘me’. The presence of the ‘me’ obscures Love due to the implicit separateness that ‘me’ is.

Reality is that there is only ‘Oneness’. The ‘me’ does not agree with that supposition as the ‘me’ could not exist conceptually without the lie that iterates constantly affirming a false self. There cannot be the ‘Oneness’ and ‘me’. Saying and iterating that ‘me’ exists does not make it exist.

Knowing Love Is Being Love, unconditionally. Anything less is manufactured pretense. Existence is not thing-based. It Is. Formless-ness is part of form. Existence lies in Formless-ness. When Formless-ness leaves form, life leaves and carries on in other forms as Formless unconditional Love. The permanence Is Love, Is existence. The Love Is Us, effortlessly.

GP2C3401Know ‘this’ in the Knowing that Is present before and after nouns and things. Know ‘this’ in the prior-ness that Is existence and pure Love.

Love has no story of ‘me’ or seeking of love. Love Is Us. Love is Nothingness. Nothingness has nothing for the needy ‘me’. Love Is clothed only in Nothingness.

GP2C3395.jpegNothingness is drawing no lines. To draw one line is too much, as one line results in this and that (duality). Oneness has no duality.

“To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good, or bad.” -Eckhart Tolle

Nothingness clothes Oneness, Love, and causeless existence.

Be Love, be nothing, as there Is no other. Daddy’OGP2C3389

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