0000“Suffering points to the sufferer, which then points to the illusion, which then points back to nothing. What is left is Nothingness. Nothingness cannot be touched by suffering.”

0022.jpeg“The undefended heart has no cause to fight for. It’s marker is effortless acceptance of all.”0021.jpeg“Remembering there is no one to awaken.”

0004“The movie we are in is a real movie. The characters we play are only characters in the movie i.e. fictional. The story is NOT reality. It is a compelling story for the characters. The screen is NEVER touched by the histrionics of the movie. In the “Matrix”, Morpheus suffers greatly. Laurence Fishburne is untouched. To suggest that L.F. could be helped by Morpheus in his path, would be delusional. Enjoy the movie but see the Reality of the unchanging screen.”GP2C3438.jpeg

We are ‘not’ added to. We are more zero than one. More nothing than something. More everything than just anything that could be pointed to. Holding on to something limits the unlimited. Holding on to nothing allows realization of everything.

Enlightenment is not an experience as ‘experience’ then becomes a stop. Something then has to have an experience thereby creating ‘self’. A false self cannot become enlightened. Too many stops. Being Is Being ad infinitum.

The emptiness of not holding anything is true emptiness. It is the blank screen that allows any movie to play or not play. It Is never leaving the fullness of emptiness despite the passing phenomena of leela. Everything is divine, even the ‘play’. But it is the emptiness that allows the transformation to rise and fall.


Be Love beyond concepts and limitation. Love Is without conditions or restrictions. Open the spiritual heart without thinking or doing. The felt sense is Present Now and forever. Directly ‘feel’ this Love as Love. Live Love wildly and free.  Daddy’O

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