Causeless happiness/love Is. There is nothing to wait for because nothing is coming. It has arrived forever ago. It Is Now. 

To suggest that the fleeting phenomena will empty its riches into our proverbial wallet is pulp fiction. Phenomena by its limited nature has no duration to keep us sated. The future at best, is only Presence arriving in the Now. To expect anything outside of Now is to live boldly in illusion. The recognition of the nature of phenomena is to see the unreal story of my so-called life.

0020The Now-ness of being Being cannot be located in the presumed past/future picture book. To chase the ’story’ is to chase our tail endlessly. There is nothing to find but the story of a fantasy of ‘me’.

0017.jpeg’That’ story is only a binding of the mind into a conceptual prison if/when we limit the unlimited. The story is superficial to “What Is”. The “What Is” is what is essential to everything. The Nowness and Nothingness are the structures of stability that allow the seemingly compelling dramas to occur. It is ‘there’ where substance abides and phenomena is allowed to arise and fall.0013

“There is a humility to be grateful for all of life and to let go of the habitual tendency to go toward the ego that wants more, because it always thinks there’s something missing.” -Purna Clare Blanchflower

0018.jpegThe goldmine is found by staying in the backdrop of spaceless space within. ‘Within’ meaning ‘staying in’ what is prior to and after the phenomena has arisen and fallen, without interruption. Our True Nature is there and everywhere in this eternal Now. This placeless place of timelessness Is Now.

0011.jpegWhat is ‘Real’ is Now. It Is the permanent background that is commonly overlooked for the gloss of transient glitter aka the ‘unreal’. The fragility of the life lived in an unstable reality of past/future is exposed by the unconditional-ness of Now.

0012.jpeg0016.jpegSeeing and breathing every moment of the Now liberates Us from a prison-like environment into a permanent freedom. Nothingness never looked so good. See It from the ‘no view’ of causeless-ness. The permanence of happiness and love abide with no events needed.

Love Loves Everything as It Is Everything. Daddy’O 

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