The dreaming we are in when we sleep is interesting in that the character we dream is often not the same character as in our waking states.  We matter of factly lose our personal histories like a change of clothes. The pounding in of who we are in most wakeful moments, relents. All ‘that’ mind reinforcement abates and a new character is formed.

This has a scientific parallel to the Default Mode Network (DMN). This is where our narrative runs, telling us who we were and/or are.  On LSD, the DMN flatlines allowing more experiential data in. Sleep ends up doing about the same thing but not as dramatically. Our story drops and a new script is in play.

0006The point being that the ideas of whom we are, are fluid. They are fluid because there is no permanence to them. If reincarnation is real, then that too would be a demonstration of this letting go of the character in the story.

Is there something here that needs to be gleamed? Perhaps the story of ‘me’ is not meant to be permanent and/or taken so seriously. How often do we sleep and lose the ‘idea’ of this ‘me’?

0002What this points to is the permanence of “What Is”. No story lasts. What is obvious is the “What Is”. But it is not obvious always, because the ‘story’ gets in the way, parading its importance.

Whatever character we play, we play often with too much identity. We do this despite the overwhelming evidence that any character we play, ends in the movie of fictional reality. The screen persists but we handily forget about it as the basis of everything experiencing everything as nothing.

0000Looking at what ‘me’ the character does to survive, we can see the use of time in the movie, to give credence to what is unreal to be real. Time distorts timelessness of the screen to create the effect of past and future to enliven unreality. Somebody is created with a body and a past history with an idea of a future that the character can engage in. Without ‘that’, the character is stripped of major illusions and left with the nakedness of the Now.

The Now has no pretense. The Now is full (of everything), so illusions associated with past/future cannot land in it for any duration without consequence. When we do ‘land’ stuff in the Now with the cooperation of the false self, we seemingly stop the flow of the Now. Certainly the Now never stops now-ing. But illusion/separation is allowed to occur in the Now i.e. obfuscation.

0008‘Landing’ things like sensations, stories, ideas, etcetera, when they don’t need to be landed ever, is problematic. ‘Landing’ is the attachment and asserting of how things ‘should’ be at the expense of letting the Universe play it out. It is the assertion of ideas of self with past and future having a significant prevalence over what is truly happening in this moment.

0004Timelessness is never stopping for past/future. It just Is. Timelessness is timeless while at the same time being Being or a movement without the aspect of time. Beingness is always what is happening. There is no stopping happening except when we try to land it. Landing it is still an illusion as there is no stopping timelessness.

The conclusion we can possibly make is, there is nobody here to accumulate anything in the past nor is there anyone here to accumulate anything now or in the future. But when it seemingly happens, we believe it to be real. We give the illusion legs and run with it, rather than Seeing with our Self which has nothing and is nothingness. Contrarily the false self has a lot of stuff it has landed, creating a conditioned past that ultimately must be dropped from identity. Nothingness has no identity.0003Lucid waking is Seeing the unseen that is everywhere but nowhere in particular. It is a dropping and backing away from over- engaging the phenomena that normally dominates our field of vision. The phenomena still appears, but the unseen is now seen by Seeing the Seeing rather than the seen.0001 The conventional loading up on stuff flying through the “What Is” is now moderated by the Nowness and the freedom that letting go of all that stuff naturally promotes. The ‘doing’ and the ‘doer’ and all that neediness is no longer primary.

Reality Is unbounded by time, place, or personhood. Reality Is Us. Reality Is present always in waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Hanging on to and landing any stuff, in any ‘state’, limits the lucidity of Being.

Be through Being the Being that is unadorned by any limitations, ideations, and/or hoarding of things. Letting go is falling into our seminal existence that never needed anything that we may now think we need.

The only Real is the Real. There is no ‘me’ except the temporary character. The Real is unconditional Love and unconditional happiness that is always available when we are spaciousness itself.

Love Loves the Nothingness of Self. Daddy’O GP2C3401

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