Did we forget?

The body/mind and the idea of ‘me’ are not containers of anything let alone the True Self. And the idea of ‘me’ to contain anything is delusion on steroids. 

But how did things get so misplaced and misdirected? 

Identification with ideas rather than experiential ‘Knowing’ is the guilty party. First off, identification is a concept. The subsequent trail of mis-appropriation then begins. Identification is an ‘idea’ that we ‘added to’ what We already Are. 

0007Is there a need to employ identification? 

There is usefulness to employing identification when dealing with ‘things’. It is contraindicated to use concepts like identification, when dealing with whom We Are. Whom We Are does not need any ID-ing at any time. To suggest that we use a conceptual framework to attempt to imprison the boundless ineffable eternity that We Are, is heresy.

Is there a need to add anything to What We Are already?

The ‘Fullness’ is full as full can be. How can any ‘thing’ be added? It is not a matter of adding any ‘thing’. It is a matter of subtracting ’things’ to include identity. 

Identity is highlighted due to the fact that ‘it’ is most guilty. Guilty of attachment to a particular ‘me’. Without that particularity of our ‘me’, there is no over-caring for any particular thing over another thing. Do we ever really care about thoughts that others may be thinking? We generally only care if the thoughts concern us. Otherwise there is no salient interest.

0014All this is not to say that we don’t care about people. Actually, we care more about people because we stop the ceaseless perseveration on the little dictator called the ‘me’. Additionally, when we lose the categorization of people and self as concepts, our connection with Our reality becomes more pronounced.

Lastly, when we ‘add’ things to the ‘Fullness’, we miss an important point. ‘It’ Is Everything already. We seemingly add characteristics and assumptions as if a conceptual base can better define the undefinable. ‘Undefinable’ is an example of being another concept that keeps us in seeing the unknowable as definable only by the limited utility of mind.

0000If ideas cannot plumb the depths of Being, then what?

Being. Existing. Having a felt sense available in the heart space rather than the cognitive thinking mind. The ‘person’ that we often ‘think’ we are is not the stable ‘thing’ we believe. This ‘person’ is transitory. Every night when we sleep/dream this ‘person’ becomes someone else. What is true in both waking/dreaming is that the ‘experiencing’ Is real. The ‘Knowing’ of experiencing is always the same. Can anything be more Real?

Spaciousness. Spaciousness is the substrate of Nothingness giving space to contain all things, sensations, perceptions, thoughts, concepts, ad infinitum. There are no limits here. No walls or boundaries. No limitations whatsoever. Otherwise It would not be spaciousness.

Whom We Are Is Spaciousness?! But how can that Be?

When we can arrive as nobody doing nothing, then the ‘person’ can be a conduit for everything to include the ‘Fullness’. The ‘experiencing’ then has the space in the ‘person’ to be lived by Life. The ‘person’ never has a life except in the dreamt. Reality never stops ‘dreaming’ aka ‘Being’. Nobody (no person) was there to accumulate anything in the past nor is there anyone there to accumulate anything now or in the future. Seeing our ‘person’ as ‘experiencing’ rather than a stopped thing (concept) is monumental. Losing the ‘idea’ of ‘me’ liberates space. Nothing sticks and everything flows. Spaciousness is cruise control open-ended.

0003Spaciousness lauds everything. It Is Us. Less is more and that is everything. Less ‘me’ is more Love, is more Us. And Us Is Everything. And Everything Is Love Loving Love. Remember?! So much space, so much Love. Daddy’O

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