GP2C3558It Is. If Awareness were an experience it would stop and go. If we had Awareness now and then, then where would ‘we’ Be? 

GP2C3561Awareness goes nowhere but Is Here and everywhere. When we have an experience of Awareness, it does not then mean that Awareness came and now has gone. Rather it is that we have acknowledged and distinguished Awareness from the stream of phenomena. 

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000260What is normal, in many cases if not most, is that Awareness appears to come and go. The constant override of thoughts and thoughtless identification with thoughts and their content, make it appear as if Awareness is episodic. The obscuration is so thorough that only glimpses find their way through the fog of mind. The glimpses seem to acknowledge the ‘now and then’ of the presence of Awareness.

Additionally, ‘time’ plays havoc in facilitating the emergence of illusion and delusion. Illusion of past and future gives a great distraction and a seeming subtraction of energy from the Here and Now. Delusion then thrives in the past and future, raising its head to create a false time-based reality, maintained by false beliefs, about whom we think we are.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000256If that’s not enough, then we have ‘that’ profound experience of a deeper aspect of self, which only separates us further from the Truth. The Truth being that there is no-one there to have ‘that’ experience. Why?! Because there is only the Self pervading all experiences, all perceptions, and all phenomena in general.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000161Having an ‘experience’ by a ‘self’, is separation from Self (seemingly). There is only experiencing. There is no-one to experience Nothingness. Nothingness can only be experienc-ing (Knowing) Nothingness.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000166Having an ‘experience’ needs an experience-er. An ‘experience-er’ is a creation or a ‘thing’. Nothingness is formless with a ‘seeming’ creation of things of limitation by the Unlimited-ness of Nothingness. The ‘things’ created are not Nothingness except in the ultimate picture of Everything being everything. ‘Experiencing’ does not stop. Experience has a stop, creating a false self to have the experience.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000162Creation or ‘things’ cannot Know ‘the’ creating. Awakeness is already awake to Itself and It’s manifesting. Creation, being manifest, cannot reverse engineer itself to be Awakeness (Awareness). Awakeness never left.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000159The point being Awakeness or Awareness does not require experience and/or things to sustain nor acknowledge Itself. We Are Awareness without the need for any noun to include ‘experience’. Having an ‘experience’ is only a clear acknowledgement that we are separate (seemingly).

GP2C3549What is never stopping to ‘Be’ Is Awareness, precisely because there is never a stop on Being, except seemingly  so (through phenomena).

We Are always Awareness continuously, whether we realize it or not. Seeing the illusion clearly, leaves only Awakeness Being Awake.

Be the Love that has no starting or stopping. Unconditional Love Loves eternally. We Are already ‘this’.  Daddy’O  

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