ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000097The story of ‘me’ cannot bind the Unbounded with content nor time. There is no real story here (past) nor is there any future. In the recognition of this passing temporal phenomena, the residue of the permanence of Nothingness continues to light our existence without binding or stopping. When the dream is seen as dreaming, dreaming reveals not only the dreamt but the Nothingness that is dreaming the content.

0002What is primary is the dreaming. What can be found is the dreamt. What cannot be found is the dreaming. The ‘found’ content is ultimately irrelevant relative to the dreaming which is paramount and real.

0000The dreaming is Nothingness Being. The dreamt form/content is a part of the expression of Nothingness. Everything is always already Present in Nothingness i.e. Formlessness expressing form.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000046The ‘I Am’ is not in search of a noun to complete a sentence. ‘Completeness’ is intrinsic to ‘I Am’. The ‘I Am’ is as close to form as Formlessness can get. When every ‘thing’ is stripped away (identity, history, time) what remains is the ‘I Am’. Existence without any stops for any thing is enough.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000045What underlies everything is spaciousness, silence, stillness, and no ‘other’ (subject/object). The finding of ‘nothing’ is the finding of Being a priori. The ‘dreaming’ cannot be perceived.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000041When we see the unseen, we See. When we see the story or the dream, as temporal and passing, we don’t over-invest in developing an excessive ‘me’. The field of consciousness allows the images and characters to take the stage. The field is real. The story and the characters are staged.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000039Everything is enjoyed because it all is the play of consciousness. The author is esteemed because the play is so real yet unreal. The author is Us aka ‘I Am’.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000044What has been Present before the development of the ‘me’ is consciousness in It’s fullness with no limitations. The very limited ‘me’, never preceded the ‘I Am’. Dropping the ‘me’ is dropping what occurred ‘after’ ‘I Am’. The ‘I Am’ never left nor arrived. Existence allowed the dream to be dreamt, as existence Is the dreaming. Existence is always first.

ZY-Photo-2020-02-08-00000042 2The dreaming is unlimited. The dreamt is limited.

No thought needs to be believed. No ‘more’ needs to be achieved. No story needs to be dreamt. The ‘Isness’ of ‘I Am’ is enough as It Is everything. Nothingness is everything without ‘needing’ to be the content.

Everything Is Love. Start with Love and Be everything. Daddy’O

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