0007I am here before thoughts. I am existing before thoughts. I am Being before, during, and after any thought or thing that may arise in the arising. There is absolutely no thing, sensation, perception, or projection that can block the Knowing/Being of Self. Self abides before any thoughts as It Is the source of everything to include thoughts and concepts and experiences.

0003Secondly, no thought (thing) is ever more precious than everything/nothing. The depth of ‘everything’ is pure existence. There is nothing ever able to override the ‘creating’ of creating. In this permanence, peace abides uninterrupted.

The epicenter of life is not in the ego mind structure of temporariness. This myopic sense of self is stolen from Self. The false self is too fleeting of a structure to contain the vastness of the uncontainable. The medium of body/mind must be seen as a tool and not as an identity. The artisan of the universe Is our Self. There is no ‘other’, to especially include the manufactured and highly conditioned thought-based self.

0006The thought structures, both conditioned patterns and randomized perseverations, have strength in their numbers and have durability when ‘time’, past and future, are used to persuade the belief system of the false self. This leveraging works to sustain the illusion (maya) of the ‘other’.

0009What can undermine this occlusion, is the divestment in thoughts as the arbiter of whom we are. Seeing thoughts as a secondary system instead of the primary system of knowing Self, upends the implicit unaware give-away of our true freedom. Value is in the ’Seeing’ not the thinking.

0000Lastly, there must be an overt acknowledgement of ‘thoughts’ being the inadequate definer of what is truly important relative to higher Self. Thoughts can never define the higher Self as ‘It’ Is not an object that can be culled through thoughts. ’It’ Is ‘before’.

0001The constant uncontrolled streaming and believing of thoughts, pivots on the ownership of these thoughts. If the stream of thoughts is ID’d as ‘mine’, then the welcome mat is cleaned and ready to accept their forceful compulsions. Subsequently, the virtual mobile prison is created. We then appear as separate needy and condemned inmates looking for an escape from pure illusion.

0002Thoughts are ‘after’ Self. What Is ‘before’ Is Self. Thoughts are an expression of Self not an absolute definition of Self. What is to be discriminated is what is ‘before’ in an ongoing fashion. This would not be a belief but an experiential reality of the ‘priorness’ of Being. The discrimination would be clearly ’Seeing’ thoughts as thoughts and ‘Seeing’ as Being.

Being ‘Being’ cannot be thought-based. ‘Being’ is pure existence and pure existence does not depend on thoughts. The ‘I Am’ existence is primary with everything else added as phenomenal. Thoughts are phenomenal and ‘after’ Being-ness.

0004I Am ‘before’ thoughts. Staying ‘here’ is effortless. Stillness, emptiness, silence, and no ‘other’ are ‘here’ timelessly. From ‘here’ everything follows while ‘here’ never changes. Self is undefinable, especially by thoughts.

What is seen is not Seeing. I Am ‘before’ thoughts.

Love is before thoughts and/or events. Love Is Us. Love ‘that’ and feel the explicit peace. Daddy’O0005

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