0008To have trust is to have faith in ‘Knowing’. ‘Knowing’ is the unacquired verb-ing of intrinsic knowledge. There is nothing to get in this ‘Knowing’ as it is perennial, fluid, and already ‘gotten’ (so to speak). It is as built-in as breathing. No instruction needed. 

The ‘Knowing’ is always present and always available. There is no time when ‘Knowing’ isn’t. Thereby the ‘Knowing’ elicits the faith in ‘It’. Faith is a product of the ‘Knowing’. Trust follows these pillars of absolute consistency if given a chance to trade in the failed system we ‘normally’ may abide in.

0007The phenomenal system of ups and downs, coming and going, and rising and falling, has no long-standing reliability. Additionally, this system is in ‘time’, meaning that timelessness and It’s reliability, cannot be found here. Time has at its core, a temporal quality, meaning when its over its over.

We casually use trust here even when knowing that the system is flawed against consistent reliability. We actually don’t even realize we trust so much in it. The quality of the phenomenal system presumes that it can be trusted, when in fact, it cannot be trusted exclusively. 

It is not suggested that we abandon our responsibilities and let chaos abide unabated. It is suggested that the intelligence of the ‘Priorness’ is where we should be placing our faith and trust in. To go to the source, is to go to the epicenter of everything. In other words, go to the cause and not to the effect for sustenance and freedom. The ‘Source’ is the underlying origin and integration of everything.

0002The other distinction here is that trusting the phenomenal system
(effect), essentially means we do not trust the implicit perfection of “What Is” (Cause). When looking for and not finding perfection in the phenomenal, we lament the imperfection while clearly overlooking the ‘Source’, i.e. perfection.

0003When we applaud the perfection of the imperfection in the ‘world’, we applaud the divine intelligence that ‘Knows’ Itself in the ‘world’. The activities of the ‘world’ are always sustained by the ‘Priorness’. The ‘I Am’ pervades everything. 

0004‘Doing’ alone, is doing and trusting a separate fictional self. Meaning, this is trusting an effect, an illusion. This is bondage to self.

0000Trust is the resonance of connection to Source or Causeless-ness. Freedom is before the bondage typically created by time/space. Just ‘Being’ is a profound relaxation that can integrate with the world because It’s Priorness is where the standing takes place. That perspective is integrative with the world but not of the world. 

0005Trusting in ‘Being’ is trusting ‘Life’ to flow through our body/minds without interruption. When all obstacles of self are removed by implicit trust and full acceptance, then ‘Life’ happens perfectly, as it should and not as we ‘think’ (no trust) it should. When the obstacles of doer-ship are not present, trust becomes Us. There is nothing to do. It Is just Being.0006

‘Know’ this, effortlessly. Trust the causeless Love that Is Us. Daddy’O0001 

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