0002Why? ‘Why’ is an aggressive question. The ‘why’ is more of a defense of ‘what isn’t’ than an affirmation of “What Is”. The ‘why’ is defending the vulnerable heart that has survival of the ‘idea of self’ as its main starting point. ‘This’ starting point is not recommended due to its inherent frailty and falseness.

0006Defending an illusion is always a problem (delusion). Seeing where we are currently abiding in, as far as identity is concerned, is imperative. Just acknowledging and losing the untenable-ness of our current position is a better starting point.

We would not be looking for a better plan if our current modality was optimally functional, would we?!

0000Pointing to the failed system we are enjoining in constantly (24/7), can even be more affirmed when we see our activity as futile, upon just a glimpse of our success rate. ‘Seeing’ our failures more completely aids and abets more success, contrary to popular belief.

In order to move past the failed system we knowingly or unknowingly support, our starting point shifts out of thinking we ‘know’ to ‘not knowing’. ‘Not knowing’ opens naturally to spaciousness and unlocks us from binding of previous beliefs and patterns of conditioning.

IMG_0255We essentially give up our false start by seeing our tendencies behaving in a knee-jerk fashion to what life presents. We see the binding that is attached to ‘our’ reaction to phenomena internally and externally. We see the casting of identity, ‘our’ manufactured identity, to thoughts, ideas, sensations, and perceptions.

IMG_0242What is teased out upon this scrutiny is the false-ness of beginning with a false self. This is not an easy task as everything we think we know has a false-ness to it when viewed from an illusion. The illusion of self has layers of deep conditioning that keep popping up. Any suppression of the false self only supports the false self. Suppression cannot be the answer.

IMG_0263What Is always Present regardless of circumstances is the non-conditional Self. Our higher Self is not entangled in the hot mess of phenomena aka content. Self or Beingness Is forever prior to all that content. The addition of ‘time’, a concept, punishes us when we attach ourselves to content. Time is used by false self to become false self with a past and future. Without time, the fraud of self is revealed to be unreal and the value of content to be hollow and transitory. Identification with the ‘after’ robs Us of Presence (Now) (seemingly).



What Is Present Is timeless or in no time, as It Is the permanence of unshakeable background, allowing content to manifest and un-manifest itself. The always-ness of It cannot be regulated by a concept of time. Prior-ness and After-ness of Presence just ‘Is’.

Starting with full abundance is not in time. Starting with full abundance is not phenomenal in that it is not created in time. ‘It” just ‘Is’ effortlessly the aliveness of nothingness that Is Everything always Now.

Starting with full abundance is not conditioned on any phenomena. The felt sense of existence, prior to any condition or thought or sensation, Is this ‘Isness’. Nothing can be added to It. Adding anything is subtracting from It (separation).


When we get that there is nothing and/or nobody ‘get it’, we ‘get it’.

There is no one there to have a thought. There is nowhere or nobody to load the experience on. There is just experiencing. When you load up on experience you then stop the ‘experiencing’. It Is just the ‘experiencing’. No one is there to collect it unless we create a collector. Do we need a collector when it Is all just Knowing? ‘That’ is the crisp aliveness that is exceedingly Present without the necessity of going back into any form or construct of time.

The Fullness is timeless. Be the Prior-ness of everything, always right Now. Being the Source has no start or finish. Starting with full abundance is pure Being Being pure Being.

Everything Loves everything as everything is always Love. Daddy’O

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