IMG_0542.jpegWhen we are in love with someone, we snuggle up and ‘relax into’ this love. Any pushing would certainly not be parked under this rubric of ‘love’.

This is a ‘soft’ approach that eschews any ‘pushing’ or even active ‘doing’. It underscores the implicit truth of literally everything being ‘perfect’ right Now. No resistance can legitimately exist if we actualize this deep understanding of complete acceptance of “What Is”. When things are ‘perfect’ why would any alternative be better? This is despite the seeming contradictions of dualism e.g. right and wrong. 

The ‘softness’ is also present due the allowance of an unbridaled authenticity of acceptance and a complete ‘openness’ to all phenomena. The ‘allowing’ comes from the open unprotected heart where ‘Love’ abides fully, as this is our direct connection to Source Itself. All of creation, to include all creation from our heart center, starts from the fullness of unconditional Love.

IMG_0539.jpegLetting all the Love in, in this Moment, requires ‘nothing’ to be present. If the false self is present, then the ‘doer’ is also present. The ‘doer’ is a fraud and illusion that was birthed ‘after’ the ‘doing’, and the five senses. Just looking at the timing of the ‘doer’, the ‘thinker’, or the ‘see-er’, and we can only logically conclude a complete and fabricated falseness. These ‘labels’ or ‘nouns’ occur only ‘after’ the events of ‘seeing’, ‘hearing’, ‘smelling’, ‘tasting’, and ‘touching’.

IMG_0538.jpegThis is all to say, that the idea of ‘me’ is only an idea and only ‘thinks’ it has control. Control is vested in the ineffable vastness of the ‘verbing’ of Life. There is no real stopping for any fictional nouns to include the false self.

So, where does that leave Us?

Can we allow something/anything to occur without any ‘doing’ on our part? Or how does Life work for Us?

We are NOT separate from Life. We Are Life (moving). And there is no ‘other’ to steal Life’s accomplishments. The little ‘me’ does not exist, period. It Is only Life manifesting Life. 

When ‘this’ is understood deeply, then there is a Knowing of the ‘Knowing’. ‘Knowing’ automatically surrenders any idea of ‘knower’, doer, thinker, see-er, et al. ‘It’ Is enough.

Finally, we all become virtual ‘nothings’, as ‘Life’ Is fully living ‘Life’ through the vehicle that was always meant to be a vehicle. The ‘driver’ of the vehicle is virtually another mechanical element on and in the road of Life. There is really ‘nothing’ driving the vehicle. It ‘Is’ as it should Be.

IMG_0530.jpegThe vehicle is parked wherever it is parked and driven wherever it is driven. There is no angst or trepidation, or regret. Identity is in Life freeing the vehicle to get serviced, driven, or used as needed. Perfect never looked so good. ‘Nothing’ allowed everything.

IMG_0540.jpegThe effortlessness of Being results in a zero-effort from the vehicle as the vehicle allows all the effort to be transmitted through it. Everything happened on the road of Life and the driver was not even needed, ever.

IMG_0349.jpeg“The great secret of spiritual science is allowing something to happen without doing it. It needs great understanding and awareness to allow things to happen.” -Osho

Relax into the Love of Being. This Is ‘coming home’ effortlessly. The ‘Fullness’ is reached. This Is the ‘home’ we have always been looking for, right Now. And ‘Everything’ is perfect.

IMG_0350.jpegThere is no stopping the Love You Are. Love Is Loving Love and there is only Loving. Daddy’O


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