0011Our person (or identity) is the overlay for the light to shine through, in every single moment. We, a la the person, are not actually the overlay. It just appears that way. We Are the ‘are-ing’ of Being. The overlay is the noun used by the light to project through its verbing. 

0000Metaphorically speaking, an overhead projector has a bright light that either shines through the glass or the additional media placed on it, and that filters the light. The media changes constantly while the light is the stable feature.

0009The light enlivens the media and messages its message. Without the light, the media is irrelevant to the presentation. The light is essentially verb-ing through the noun -it’s message. The ‘noun’ is not the message.

0008Or in other words the context (the light) is the backdrop that allows the content to even exist. Content is useful but certainly not whom we Are.

0010Our tendency, clearly and doggedly, is to be thrilled with content that orbits around a central idea called ‘self’. Creating a ‘self’ is creating a limitation on the verb-ing that is being coursed through us. A ‘self’ is essentially a ’stop’ that is put upon the verb-ing.

Any ’stop’ of the perennial verb-ing that is coursing through this noun of a mind/body, is a dis-allowing of Fullness to be at maximum bandwidth. This of course is limitation. There is no need for the Fullness to be limited as ‘It’ Is naturally ‘Full’ and complete. 

0004The ‘verb-ing’ and the overlay of the ‘person’ are wholly compatible when everything is ‘true’.  It is only when there is a perceived ‘need’ to stop the ‘verb-ing’ to seemingly give life to a un-enlivened ‘me’, that there is a kink in what is normally a perfectly natural process.

0006The un-natural-ness is the ‘stopping’ of the flow of ‘The Energy’ by altering the stream into an artificial blockage called ‘me’.

When ‘we’ start owning ‘The Energy’ through the ‘doer’, the ‘thinker’, the ‘feeler’ (all nouns), we create dams. We Are life flowing through the media of a ‘person’. We are not the ‘person’ letting life flow through us. When we ‘think’ we are the person then we ‘own’ the person and we try to control life. At this point the problematic ‘nouns’ start showing up.

This position or view is faulty as it trivializes the unlimited brilliance of Source unnecessarily. We own nothing as we are ‘nothingness’ which owns nothing but Is everything. Nothingness is our basic basis. Not some ‘thing’ or some ‘idea’ that  forces some illusory will. 

0002The ’stopping’ is facilitated by a ’stuck-ness’ of energy in a closed system often called ‘me’. This ‘field’ is very restricted as it dis-allows the natural ‘aliveness’ to be fully expressed. The ‘stopping’ is allowed in order to protect/defend an illusion that we created and continues to persist despite a failed history of futile efforts at remediation.

There is no escape from this ’stopping’, as what wants to escape is the ‘me’. In reality the ‘me’ has nothing to say about it because it does not exist. 

0007True Nature is before any construct or illusion of ‘me’. True Nature has no stops as It Is always verb-ing. There is no destroying the ‘me’ because ‘it’ is an illusion. To try to destroy ‘it’ is to acknowledge ‘it’. To acknowledge ‘it’ is to create ‘it’.

Seeing from ’Seeing’, where no stopping or creating of any noun is being made, facilitates ‘See-ing’ the illusion as never having existed.

0005What Is existing right Now Is the ‘Isness’ that has no stops. ‘It’ has nowhere to stop. ‘It’ Is the nothingness of undivided openness in the undefinable context of just ‘Being’. Falling into this vastness is a constant falling. Where would you stop? It Is just ‘Falling’.

Falling back is going from content to context. Staying in ‘content’ is not Seeing ‘context’ in any meaningful way. Staying (effortlessly) in context Sees the unchanging and the changing together as the play of consciousness with no divisions between the seeming two. It all Is the expression of Fullness.

0003Abiding in the ‘Knowing’ of the known is always effortless. Abiding exclusively in the shallow waters of the ‘known’, is wrought with effort.

Constantly falling back into the aliveness of falling with no stops, is true freedom from crashing into artificial constructs that aren’t even real. Living as Life Itself in the full openness of whom we really Are is living fully and freely Now. There is no ground. Fall fearlessly as there is just falling.

0001We fall back to the prior-ness that is always before thoughts, ideas, sensations, and perceptions. This Is Love unbounded and un-conditioned. Be Love. See Love always free.   Daddy’O    

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