Holding on to a thought, any thought, is bondage. In order to sustain the faux identity of whom we ‘think we are’, we, by default, have to hold on to the thought, which is essentially a binding idea. 

0005Identity is a grouping of ideas we have about ourselves. “We like ‘this’, we don’t want ‘that’, we have to have ‘this’. We should never get ‘this’.” Our preferences as identity aren’t even stable as we may modify them given changing circumstances. Some preferences though are projected from ‘birth to death’ with nothing seeming to get in between them, e.g. gender identity, politics, religion.

When we attach ourselves to something that appears to be nailed down but isn’t, we indulge in a narrowing of whom we Are. Limitation is the result of bonding to concepts and conceptual frameworks. 

0006If the universe, which is perennially expanding on a physical level, were to stop expanding, what would that outcome look like? The nature of life cosmically and the nature of life in our particular situation, is not different as far as how life operates. 

0009If the universe thought it had a great idea, braked for the idea to ‘hold it’, would that even sound right?! In life everything is subject to change as ‘change’ is an inherent operating principle of the universe. To ‘hold’ any ‘thing’ would be heresy to the basic operating principle commonly called ‘change’, in the universe and/or in our particular life. 

0002Bondage is clearly the outcome when identity is not fluid, i.e. stopping the moving and verb-ing as everything and anything. The yelling begins in ‘letting go’ of this hard definition of identity, because ‘letting go’ is taken to be a threat to a seemingly ‘stable’ existence.

0007The universe is not in chaos. An undefinable intelligence is implicit in its operation. Planets have their measured course and generally are not colliding into each other. When ‘we’ let go of the ‘me’, we too, do not default into chaos and self-destruction. But the fact is we are very secure in holding on to some central thoughts involving ‘me’. And we fear letting go of the idea of ‘me’, despite the bondage and suffering found in our daily grind.

Additionally, the fact is that the concepts of identity came after our implicit freedom -not before. Freedom is always before bondage of self. Awareness never holds on to ‘any’ thought ever. We Are Awareness first and before any establishment of a faux identity.

0004There is an identity for ‘us’ that is present in the physical world. But ‘it’ is like an address on our house. The address on our house is not our house. Who we are is not limited to our name or form or any other concept we may want to add to it. Concepts are fine but they do not define ‘us’ except when we allow that limitation (seemingly). 

0008Who we Are is not limited to being some ‘thought’ or ‘thoughts’. By the act of ’trying’ to ‘Be’ we automatically default to a conceptual base. ‘Being’ is not a concept nor is ‘Being’ accessible through concepts. ‘Being’ is before concepts and ‘trying’.  

The universe is not ‘trying’ nor does ‘it’ look for concepts to define itself. It just ‘Is’. We just ‘Are’. There is a felt sense in our own localized existence (that concepts have no play in). Our unacquired knowledge of ‘Knowing’ informs Us experientially and unequivocally with no ‘trying’ necessary.

0001Thoughts do happen legitimately. Holding and identifying with thoughts is problematic. Trusting in thoughts is bondage because then thoughts use ‘Us’. Trusting life is trusting the universe which is trusting Self. The ‘energy’ does not need direction from a temporary thought. When ‘Everything’ Is already running everything, why trust lesser vehicles that are limited, certainly temporary, and have a trail of failure? 

0000Be free. It Is Our nature. Awareness has ‘Us’. We do not have ‘Awareness’. Let go of thoughts dominating our lives unnecessarily. See the ‘existence’ we always Are Now. Feel the space around ‘this’ existence as ‘that’ Is real, unchanging, still, yet alive and awake. 

Unconditional Love Is here Now. It Is before thought. The heart Knows this Love always. Love all in this universe of Us. Daddy’O0000 copy


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