GP2C3786Looking for a path is looking too far. What Is Present Now Is. The looking, the seeking, the finding, is missing the self-evident. What Is self-evident is Present in the fullest sense, Now.

To use time to procure something pictured as ‘missing’ is to not See clearly. First, ‘time’ cannot solve searching for something that is always available at all times. Secondly, ‘where’ we are looking is often not where we should be looking.  

0004If proper ‘timeliness’ is correct i.e. ‘Now’, then the problem has to be in ‘where’ we are searching. Where we are seeking is commonly demonstrated to be in the world of the ‘phenomenal’. The ‘phenomenal’ is without argument the wrong place to place our bets, despite the overwhelming odds of ‘not’ finding it there.  

0000The phenomenal is ridden with uncertainty and perennial change. These two concepts sister each other subtly because they each define the other to a great extent. And they behave in a way that makes them hard to love. Consistency is not there except in making a bet ‘for’ change/uncertainty. But at the the same time ‘they may be loved’ because of the sheer boredom and dread of certain certainty. The play ‘they’ invoke is always interesting and unpredictable.  

All the above is said to ensure that despite their differences in affording ‘assurance’, these two characteristics should not be disrespected. In short, that would be resistance to “What Is”.

0003Change/uncertainty have a role to play in keeping the ‘phenomenal’ phenomenal. And this too is the play of consciousness (leela).

0002What Is ‘not’ in time is ‘Now’. ‘Now’ is actually ‘not’ in linear time. The Presence of eternity is always ‘Now’. It is only past and future that are in ‘time’.

So why is this important?

GP2C3795Seeking has an implicitness in it i.e. ‘not Now’. Which leaves us in an object-based past and future illusion. Again, not a good starting point for realization of what is always Present.

GP2C3784Starting with ‘Now’, we gain the immediacy of our very existence that is experientially and immediately validated. The mis-step is avoided.

0005Also, ‘Here’ in this experientially validated knowledge, ‘Is’ the ‘where’. The ‘Now’ and ‘Here’ travel together. The ‘Here’ is found ‘Present’ but ‘before’ any phenomena and ‘after’ any phenomena because the ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ is not bound by time.

0006The point being we are now looking in the right ‘place’ (not a thing) and at the right time (always Now). And this ‘looking’ is not searching. ‘It’ Is ‘Seeing’ without a stop for a noun.

GP2C3787All this is to say that ‘phenomena’, which is especially temporal, cannot facilitate our evolution into selfless Self. The ‘Priorness’ of existence (Being) never is not Present. Access to this gateless gate is found in losing the perseveration on any phenomena in any time-bound way. The ‘seeming’ geography of the ‘ground’ also has phenomena written all over it. Lose all phenomena as meaningful means to find the ephemeral.

GP2C3785The ephemeral is always Here Now. There is no searching in the temporal illusion. The ‘ground’ is never an idea or object. ‘It’ Is groundless precisely because it is not phenomenal.

Words, these words, are phenomenal. ‘Knowing’ the ‘words’ is not phenomenal. Stay with the priorness of ‘Knowing’. This ‘Knowing’ is Here and Now.

Experiencing the phenomenal is a ‘letting’ -not a perseveration. There is no stopping in the phenomenal as that would demand controlling versus accepting “What Is”. The control, if there was control, would be illusory.

Where we ‘should’ be ‘looking’ is where there is only ‘Seeing’ (or ‘Knowing’). Anything else added is just adding an inessential distraction.

Love Is Present Here Now unconditionally. Loving unconditionally means all phenomena is accepted as it is. Fall into the Love that Is the basis of everyone and everything.   Daddy’O0001 

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