The mind appears to inhabit our internal space 24/7. Overwrought with control, it seizes on thoughts and dances continually, changing thought partners all day. The space that is there, is most often between thoughts, with very little left unfettered and untouched by thoughts.0003

Problems appear to have a mandate that only the mind can solve. This limitation is certainly self-imposed when we don’t know an alternative and/or don’t respect ‘going outside the box’.0002

Awareness does not need the mind at all, to define Itself. The mind, conversely, cannot go past its inherent limitations to even process Consciousness. There is no ‘hard’ definition of Consciousness that the mind can come up with as Consciousness has no characteristics of phenomena or ‘things’ that can be put into some typology.

Any attempt to think our way out of the mind would be trying to get out of the mind while completely being in the mind. How’s that supposed to work?!0008

The problem is belief and identification as the mind. It is as if there is nothing else that really matters because we have this fantasy going on a la mind . The fantastical reality we create is that ‘without’ our mind we really don’t exist. At the same time, there is some doubt about the validity of this assumption. The ‘rub’ comes in when we use the mind to figure out ‘that’ doubt. Sadly,we can never figure it out with the mind.

Letting go of the mind completely is taken as a threat by the false self. Why wouldn’t it be? To dump all that dominance is a direct threat to the belief system that years of conditioning has inured in us. Letting go would mean we ‘seemingly’ are going to be out of control. And we ‘do’ a lot of things all the time so that we ‘are’ in control. Sound familiar? ‘Not in control’ is not recommended by the mind.

If we were to jump out of an airplane at 5000 feet altitude with no parachute, would we be comfortable with the safety aspect of doing that?

The metaphor asks the question, which is asking ourselves why take that crazy risk? It is a safer to do nothing and least have the appearance of safety.

When we ‘know’ Knowing, then implicit in this ‘Knowing’ we ‘See’ the emptiness of whom We really Are. The ‘Knowing’ Is right Now and always. But Its Presence is not available (seemingly) when we limit our vision with the foreground of phenomena (more or less exclusively).0000

‘Where’ we See Ourselves from, is an imperative that is not to be taken lightly. That is, Seeing reactively and/or engaging continually with phenomena, is going with the mind too much. Too much foreground.0004

When we See Ourselves not as selves but as ‘Seeing’ without the addition of the noun called self, we See clearly. ‘Seeing’ does not need a self to ‘See’ the ‘Seeing’. ‘Seeing the Seeing’ is Seeing clearly. ‘Seeing’ from this empty space is ‘Seeing’ the ‘Seeing’, the phenomena, and the seeming see-er. It is the complete picture without reactivity/control.

The ‘need’ for control is eliminated in that control becomes superfluous with separation which is no longer a factor. The ‘Oneness’ is only ‘Oneness’. Where is the fear now of letting go?

Emptiness minds nothing. Emptiness Is Nothing and then it Is Everything. But ‘that’ is Its ‘Isness’. Changeless and seeming change.0001

Instead of trying to rest in a wavering mind, we accept the limitations of the mind while falling back to limitless background that supports the entirety of Life Itself. This ‘priorness’ Is Us -all of Us. Resting in this Stillness/Silence/Emptiness is the eternal existing. It Is Presence that is felt deeply and unambiguously.

Receive ‘this’. It Is already Us Now. Emptiness means letting go of phenomena and the false control the mind/ego commands. The felt sense of deep Presence abides effortlessly in the heart space. Thinking is not necessary. Being the Silence empties the mind.0007

Seeing and being the Silence, the Stillness, the Spaciousness, and the Love that Is indigenous to this perspective only amplifies these qualities. These qualities never disappear.

The perspective of Self holds and grasps nothing. Self Is full. It Is Everything/Nothing. ‘That’ space has no walls or obstacles. It Is free and unconditional. It Is Us. It Is Love Loving Itself, the Oneness.

Love ‘That’ effortlessly. It Is Us Loving Us. Daddy’O

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