A verb stops being a verb when it becomes a noun e.g. ‘moving’ becomes a ‘mover’. A ‘mover’ then moves. Action stops its purity of motion or movement if it becomes a noun. The noun then engages in movement but is not technically the actual movement. Generally the noun or ‘thing’ is engaged in the ‘moving’ yet it remains a noun. The ‘movement’, ideally, has no ’stops’. If/when ‘it’ does stop, ‘it’ is no longer a movement.



When we ’stop’ Being, we change our nature to a noun and lose our independence as ‘movement’. The created ‘noun’ in us, loses the flexibility afforded in the constancy of change. When we are consistent movement, there is no start-up, no finish, no crashing into limits or other seeming barriers. Pure movement has emptiness. It is a spaciousness that never lands as a noun. 

0006The ‘Spaciousness’ talked about here has no limits due to its eternal nature of unchanging change. Any ’seeming’ landings are mere appearances that have no permanence, longevity, and/or ultimate reality. The illusion that is seemingly created, is not the reality of ‘Reality’.

’Spaciousness’ is not a noun due to its unlimited-ness. ’Spaciousness’ has no borders, edges, or walls. If ‘It’ did, ‘It’ would be a noun. Oddly (for the mind) ’Spaciousness’ should fit into the ‘mind’ category but it does not meet a sufficiency of (noun) criteria. It is an outlier as far as typology is concerned. 

The ‘verb-ing’ of ’Spaciousness’ points to the contradiction of the words ‘unchanging change’, upon giving a description of ’Spaciousness’. This is the ‘aliveness’ of Being. ‘It’ cannot be distilled into words. And yet ‘It’ never really becomes a ‘noun’ or phenomena. ’Spaciousness’ cannot ‘land’ as It’s vastness Is everything (and ‘nothing’). 

0005The reality of ‘Reality’ is not to be treated like a ‘noun’ in a lab. ‘It’ Is the falling into the falling of Self with no nouns or stops to be found. It Is all ‘falling’. 

0007There is no effort or pain in existing. It is the landing as a noun or ‘person’ that hurts and ‘seemingly’ stops the flow of Being. Existing is always verb-ing unless we create the effect (illusion) of suffering and stopping that hurts.

0002Seeing from Spaciousness (first and always), we access resting as Awareness Itself, without the seeming need for the perseveration of an exclusive ‘person’. The ‘person’ is a noun that comes after the essential nature of Being. The noun of ‘person’ is more appropriately utilized as an expression of Being. Being-ness never stops Being regardless of noun selection.

0004In the knowing of our own Being, the ‘view’ is no longer ‘outward’ but rather ‘inward’. Outward view is conditional and noun-based. Inward view is unconditional with no stops (nouns) anywhere, i.e. everywhere. Everywhere is everywhere without being anywhere (verb-ing). This Is the Reality that cannot be coerced into a limited definition.

0001Spaciousness, Silence, and Stillness are all unlimited non-things or non-states. They Are (period). Engaging in ‘this’ Reality Is Us that effortlessly allows Being-ness first, with phenomena and the idea of person, appropriately second. Even this ranking disappears in the Truth of Reality.

We Are Reality resting as Awareness always. The pain of crashing is indigenous to believing in person-hood. Nothingness has nothing that could crash. Spaciousness has no density. 

The view of Being the Spaciousness, the Stillness, the Silence opens the vista of Seeing Everything everywhere. Freedom is Here Now without the associated pain of mistaken identity as some type of noun.

The conditions are ‘no conditions’. Love abides Here. Love seeks only Love. Be Love.  Daddy’O image 


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