‘That’ is only a thought. Thoughts are extremely limited. They define superficialities. Their nature represents spurious appearances made in ‘time’. Things, like thoughts, being bound by time, have no endurance. Their luxury is their finiteness and their pointing. 

Truth cannot be found nor bound by mere thinking. Despite this weakness, thoughts continue to be given more undeserved merit, continuously in our lives. Something important comes up and we say that we have to think about it. Thinking about ‘it’ is ok but it is certainly not enough. It is not enough to ignore the Vastness of whom We Are and then to subsequently forgo the most important reference of Being Being.

We are not our thoughts. And thoughts are insufficient instruments to guide ‘Us’ adequately in finding Truth/Happiness/Peace let alone conclude our identity. Thoughts are tools in the toolbox and useful in solving the physicality of living life. They certainly do not define Life nor can they come to a realization of Truth.

Mental concepts, to include ‘understanding’ conceptually, are not ‘It’. ‘This’ realm is the ‘external’. ‘External’ is mind. ‘External’ is superficiality and the play (Leela) of consciousness. The ‘play’ is the dream. And the ‘dream’ is real as far as that goes.

The point being is that consciousness is what is playing the dream. ‘It’ 

Is the ‘dreaming’ of the dream.

When we are lost in the waking dream we forget that We Are the ‘dreaming’ of the dream. The ‘dreaming of the dream’ is forgotten. When we forget this unborn Knowledge, we make thoughts ‘ours’. The ‘dream’ does not have an owner called ‘me’.

This particular ‘belief’ is ground zero for illusions to prosper and ‘thinking’ to think that ‘thinking’ is enough. The enormity of the Vastness is completely ignored from this point of view. Is there enough in the ‘illusory’ to give guidance to our so-called life? 

The deeper implicit intelligence We Are is before ‘thought’. Thought cannot find it. ’Thought’ does not have access to ‘It’. Thought is limited. 

Implicit in Being is ’Nothingness’. Conceptually the mind cannot fully grasp this ‘Is-ness’ of formless-ness. But ’That’ can be found by It’s mere continuity and ever-Presence when Seen by the ’Seeing’. And there is no ‘looking for’ in ’Seeing’ because there is only ’Seeing’. 

In other words, there is only ‘Dreaming’. Pure ‘Knowing’ Is Self Being Self. Self Is ’Seeing’ the ‘Dreaming’ which is Self Being Self. End of story.

The endurance of thoughts, thinking, and other things tells us unequivocally, of a time-limited temporariness. What persists eternally is not in time. ‘It’ always ‘Is’ Present despite the seeming obscuration of beliefs, thoughts, and tireless thinking. 

Going to ’Nothing’ finds everything. Dragging concepts, understandings, and other superficialities into the ‘Nothingness’ is futile. Dream-based consciousness is limited and illusory. Nothingness needs nothing to Be. The ‘Beingness’ is there before during and after the dream is dreamt. 

Truly Being Nothing Is Everything. The ‘lasting’ is not in time. It just Is. Referencing ’This’, informs all decisions as all decisions are already being dreamed by the eternal ‘Dreaming’. Be the ‘Dreaming’. It can ‘Be’ no other way.

Love Knows Love unbounded and unlimited. Love Loves It’s Vastness. Everything Is Nothing Is Love.  Daddy’O 

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