To make no effort contradicts our genetic code to be the change and evolve humankind. No?  

The question imperceptibly glides over a massive assumption. ‘Who’ is making the effort? The conditioned knee-jerk answer is “Of course it is me”. This ‘me’ is among the first casualties of an illusion boarding and dominating our so-called life.  And since the ‘me’ becomes the arbiter of what is clear and obvious, then all conclusions are subsequently pejorative. The basis of ‘me’ has no real substance. 

To ask ‘Life’ itself the question of who is making the effort, would be a much better question. The answer would ‘not’ consider the neediness of the illusion called ‘me’, for starters. That bias, being eliminated, opens up to a much better answer.

The answer is not corralled into some control freak. The answer is Life itself. Life just happens unpredictably and steadily. The ‘where’ and the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ happen naturally without a hiccup. No-one knows when the ‘dance’ starts, ends, or changes its rhythm. And there is no-one in particular to have some kind of accounting to no-one.

The ‘not-knowing’ is the open spaciousness of Life living. The ‘not-knowing’ can be considered the ‘un-manifest’. The ‘un-manifest’ is all-knowing. 

This seeming lack of accountability has immense accountability. There is an accountability to perfection. Perfection is implicit in the ‘dreaming’ of the ‘dream’. There is no detail left unattended by Life. Life Is ‘Us’. And there is only one ‘Us’. 

‘That’ is the perfection that orchestrates everything without effort. Life is not separate from ‘Us’. ‘It’ is not ‘Us’ and someone else.

Life is living through our body with intelligence to guide a trillion cells seamlessly in every moment in our physical life. That is no different than the perfection on a macro scale. The ‘direction’ is always from one Source and ‘that’ is without effort. The ‘Isness’ has no change. Change would require effort.

Causeless-ness Is Present ceaselessly. When we are aligned with this Causeless-ness, there is no ‘me’. There is no ‘me’ because there never was a ’me’ nor will there ever be a ‘me’.

Losing the idea of the ‘me’ means we lose the disharmony of blocking space. Space (metaphorically) unfettered allows a spaciousness to be unblocked. That space Is ‘Us’ as Source Itself. The Causeless-ness that seemingly arrives, never really left.

Life does not make effort. Life is living effortlessly as Life is the ‘Isness’ of all seeming existence/nonexistence. Life does nothing as there is no ‘doing’. ‘Doing’ is indigenous to the ’me’ or illusion. Being Being is enough for Life and for ‘Us’.

Outcomes are part of the dream, coming and going. Appearances are only appearances. The substance of whom we Are Is ineffable yet permanent and unchanging.

As ‘Life’, there is nothing to ‘do’ but ‘Be’. Be-ing is connecting to Self. We cannot ‘do’ what We Are. We just Are. Doing ‘nothing’ is essentially Being the ‘Be’. Everything gets done not unlike our bodies moving everything along without any organ being in charge of anything. The harmony of the Oneness of Life gets it all done despite ‘our’ insistence otherwise.

Seeing the ‘Seeing’ and Seeing the play of Life from the ’Seeing’, keeps ‘Us’ ‘Us’ without overplaying the illusory idea of ‘me’. Love Sees everything as Love. Be Love. It Is  Causeless and effortless.  Daddy’O

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