Stillness can see the mind and it’s incessant activity. Movement is a characteristic of mind. Observation of the mind, by anyone, reveals the superficiality of generating roughly 70,000 thoughts in a day. Are that many thoughts justifiable in transacting life? 

We all know that over-thinking things is common and often generates stress and a mis-use of productive time. The question we inadvertently bump into is “Is mind and thought production the most effective way of transacting our relationship to self and others in the pursuit of living?”

If there is another way, other than through mind and the structures of thoughts building ideas, where can we go to access a more direct ‘knowing’? A ‘direct’ knowing would also obviate the idea of ‘control’ that creates a neediness for ‘more’ thoughts and thinking.

‘Control’, is indeed present in the backdrop of our ‘thinking’, causing us to hold on to our thoughts as well as the imagined self that is presumably holding these thoughts

So, losing the idea of the ‘thinker’ and losing the idea that ‘thoughts’ are the only vehicle for gathering knowledge, we find ourselves pretty empty.

The emptiness is scary for the alleged ‘thinker’. The identification with the over-whelming investment made in the production of thoughts gives us pause when we consider our independence from these structures.

Stillness, silence, emptiness, and no ‘thinker’ is ‘crazy talk’ from the ‘view’ of the mind. Sure enough. But the mind will not go away quietly. It will complain and keep on showing up uninvited. And the mind says that ‘it’ wants to ‘get it’. 

There is no ‘getting it’ for the mind. The mind ‘needs’ to ‘get it’ so it can ‘control’ again and again. Control, the mind, and the thinker are colluding and ‘moving’ together to continue the charade of covering up the Stillness. The Stillness allows everything to be as ‘that’ is Its nature.

Despite all that movement and activity, the Stillness remains untouched. The superficiality of these temporary ‘appearances’ have zero effect on what is eternal and unchanging. Stillness abides effortlessly and eternally.

The mind is happening in Stillness.

To ‘Be’ Stillness is to ‘let’ Stillness. There is no control in ’Stillness’. Stillness Is. If there was ‘control’ in Stillness there would be separation and that wouldn’t be Stillness. Stillness Is everything with no movement required. Stillness allows the perception of movement with Stillness unchanged.

Being Stillness is being effortless. ’Stillness’ and ‘effortless-ness’ define each other yet cannot be adequately defined (by the mind). We Are ‘that’ which is not moving, changing, or effort-ing.

When We can See from the Stillness, nothing is present but Stillness. The appearances come and go in the Stillness. When we view from ‘appearances’ we can only see ‘appearances’. Stillness Sees Itself first and foremost with ‘appearances’ being a form of formlessness. There is only Stillness as seen from Stillness.

Being-ness is Stillness. Our existence is timeless with no start or finish. To have a start/finish is to abide in appearances only. To have ‘effort’ and ‘control’ is to have movement. There is no movement or controller in Stillness. Simple unadorned Being-ness Is abiding always in Us with absolutely no additives. 

This Is Love Loving Love endlessly. We Are ‘that’ and no more and no less.  Live effortlessly with unlimited Love and Stillness.      Daddy’O    

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