When there is perfection in perfection, what is right and what is wrong?

Seemingly, we are compelled to choose sides on an issue. If we don’t choose, perhaps we just don’t care?! ‘That’ is a conclusion we naturally make, given polarities in the appearances that show up in our so-called life.

How could we do nothing and/or not care enough to ‘do’ something that certainly would make us a ‘good person’?! That ‘thought’ is compelling and dramatic and points to the compulsion that we ‘should’ be in control and then start ‘doing’ something appropriate.

What ‘that’ really points to is ‘who’ is in control and who is the ‘doer’. The seriousness of the issue is going to be there. The drama of life always has a compelling nature. There is always a story to tell. And the reaction to the story often defines the character.

However the character of the character is defined, it is not about the character.

When we make it about the character we lose our mooring to infinity. We limit Ourselves. The point is ‘We’ are not the limited character. We are the dreaming of the ‘dream’.

The structures of society are based on ideas and content and not based on Consciousness first and foremost. Thoughts and perceptions are examples of a refraction of Consciousness -a self-imposed limitation. Beliefs take this refraction and compound the importance of ideas over Reality Itself.

This ‘take’ is a significant step in the wrong direction in that separation is amplified creating an us/them dilemma/enigma.

There is no separation in Consciousness. There Is only One Consciousness playing in all the forms and appearances. This perspective cannot yield to separation by going against Itself. It Is all viewpoints, all people, all dreams and nightmares.

It Is to ‘See’ ‘this’ first. There is no ‘doer’. It Is just the ‘doing’ by Life Itself. Again, we do not have a life. Life has Us.

Accepting Life ‘living’ through our vehicles/characters is enough if the acceptance is full and complete. Completion cannot happen when the proverbial ‘space’ is occupied by stridence and insistence on a solitary unyielding view. There is no freedom in this qualified space.

Unconditional Love sets no-one apart. Unconditional Love separates out no-one from anyone else. Unconditional Love is pure Love for the everything-ness of Life. There is no pushing for or against anything, as Life Is everything/everybody always.

Acceptance occurs from the space-less space of whom We Are. Not from the character we play through. The difference is equivalent to the difference between finite and infinite. The fact is that there is nowhere to go (limitation) because We Are everywhere and everything always. What can oppose ‘that’?!

It is never about ‘reaction’. It Is about Being Being ceaselessly in all actions. These actions have no ‘doer’. The river flows freely with no ‘doer’ in sight. It travels to the Ocean to merge again and again. If there was a ‘doer’ the river would stop being a river. The flow just flows.

The ‘All-ness’ of Life is always perfect in the direction It takes. The character has fairy-tale status in decisions in the Vastness of the Vastness. The Vastness Is The All Knowing.

The river is never wrong because it never needs to be right. Love Loves Love for no reason but Love. Be Love effortlessly Now. Daddy’O

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