Where do we abide from? In 99% of all our moments, where do we move from?

If we think through the mind exclusively, we can see that we constantly touch back to limitation (mind). We then lose the opportunity to see another dimension that cannot then be accessed by the mind. We may go to our mind so often that we do not even realize that there is another avenue we could be taking. This is a limiting behavior.

Moving from an endpoint like the mind, certainly tells us we limit ourselves through a starting point that is really an endpoint. 

Using the mind is effective when it is in an endpoint situation where an endpoint decision needs to be manifested. But to use the mind to redefine Self as separate and inaccessible, is to misuse our life energy and court an active ignorance.

Feeling yourself as ‘everything seen’ is markedly different than seeing yourself as ‘separate from everything seen’. The difference lies in the proper reference point. Is the reference point unlimited and undefinable or is it limited and definable? Is there a fear of going from a comfortable definable limitation into perhaps an uncomfortable, undefinable and limitless not-knowing?  

Limiting is exclusionary and infinitesimal. It is a mere fraction of an infinity. The comparison is no comparison to the Vastness of the Vastness. 

The Vastness does not have a ‘limiting’ belief. All positions and beliefs are in the Vastness with no effect on the Vastness. There is no putting the Vastness in any position or belief. That would be limiting the unlimited. That would be taking an artificial endpoint and making the Vastness ‘be’ that endpoint e.g. “God is on our side.”  

There are no sides to be on, no positions to take, and no beliefs to bind. These endpoints are not the Prior-ness of Being Being.

The heart space does not do these calculations. When Love hits us, we move from no barriers. The Knowing has no barriers. It Is Love abiding in pure Love, naturally, effortlessly, and consciously.

Staying home in the heart is Love Loving Love. Appropriately there is no other. The ‘other’ appears only in transitory appearances of Consciousness in form while being formless. The ‘other’ is not an opportunity to separate into endpoints but an opportunity to indulge the play of Formless-ness into form.

We Are the formless-ness Seeing the seen while knowing the Knowing of it. Identity is with the limitless heart in its role as Love incarnate, even when using a form.

By pushing for a narrower view, we create a barrier and then a struggle to be right and separate. Again the issue is not Seeing the Formless as our true nature. The identification with an endpoint (mind) prompts a fabrication and maintenance of a false self, taking ridiculous energy to sustain. 

Being is effortlessly Present in all circumstances. The Spaciousness allows the whole charade to play out without being touched. Staying home is staying ‘Here’ in perfect Stillness allowing the movement to arrive and depart. 

The heart space is the starting point of something special that has no starting point. It Is concept-free. Staying home in this spaceless space releases the binding of limited ideas and conclusions and allows a maximum freedom to Be connected to nothing, everything and everyone, effortlessly. We Are ‘that’. Stay home with ‘that’. 

Loving Love Loving, Daddy’O 

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