The Un-manifest is pure consciousness. There is nothing here, at least not for the mind. 

This is in stark contrast to the ‘manifest’ which is flawed perfectly. The manifest is still saturated through and through with this original energy. All ‘that’ that is playing as what is real, is with the ordered order of Divine intelligence. The Un-manifest is undiminished in any way through this extension of manifest. ‘It’ has never really left the Un-manifest, but seemingly so, as to look like it was separate but all the while ultimately going back to the Un-manifest. The Un-manifest never changed during this process.

Even the manifest has to be integral to the Un-manifest as there is only one origin. That is, there is only the Un-manifest but with the expression of a multi-dimensional manifesting of things. Still, the manifesting appears as a noun but its atoms are always moving. It is more like a dynamic movement parading as a noun. It looks and appears like noun but that is only an appearance. And that dynamic movement is changing forms within forms but ultimately goes back to the un-disguised formless-ness of Un-manifest. Nouns have no real stability even when seen as a seemingly unchanging noun. Formless-ness is playing form all the time.  Not even the ‘form’ was ever ‘not’ formless-ness.

Stability is only in the Un-manifest. And ’that’ is certainly not a noun. It Is movement without moving. It Is intelligence without noun-ing. It certainly Is aliveness with or without form.

Space is always present whether form or formless, Un-manifest or manifested. Space is consistent in its emptiness, colorlessness, tastelessness, odorlessness, sightlessness, soundlessness, and formlessness. It can be accessed with eyes open or closed, sleeping or waking, and other manifestations of consciousness. 

At atomic levels of scrutiny, space appears as the predominant field relative to other dynamics. Going deeper only affords more hidden space. Is this deep space Formless-ness? Is the bottom line the Un-manifest?

If all that we ever really find is space, who are we? Are we really form or formless-ness?

Perhaps ‘Oneness’ is appearing as two? Is our existence really the vast field of ‘Oneness’ expressing itself and only Itself in all forms? If existence is expression then existence is also non-expression in non-form.

Space, as a metaphor, captures form and formless, as well as expression and non-expression. Existence is before expression or non-expression.The Un-manifest is ultimate existence even before the formless. The Un-manifest would be ‘before’ the metaphor of space as ‘space’. And ‘space’ would be a form of form.

The whole point here is having an emptiness and unconditioned openness as Self, would be the true letting go of structures. Finding nothing here, is the finding. Being openness, is having no opinion, no preference, or resistance to What Is. Evaluating is also not happening here. Seeking is no longer a project. Receiving, is all this space ever does. There is no doing.

The Un-manifest Is Us most deeply. All events and phenomena are always connected to everything else perfectly as there is no ‘other’.  Forms Are really Formless-ness moving through forms. 

Dissolve into that spacious feeling that is always present. Trust the perfection of Beingness. The formless-ness expresses Itself through every form, effortlessly. Be ‘that’ knowingly. It Is always Present.

Love Loves Loving everything and everybody.  Daddy’O

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