Love is effortless and unconditional. Conditional love takes effort and negotiation. Essentially one of the most distinguishing characteristics of unconditional love is ‘it’ not being event-based. There is no ”If I get married, then I’ll really be happy and in love.”  No event needs to take place at any time nor with anything. Any conditions that are added to the unconditional will merit a love that is compromised from the start.

The shallowness of conditional love reveals its very temporal nature. It is almost a lie to call it ‘love’. Its betrayal is always conditional. Bartering, strategizing, and conditioning ‘one’s giving’ on another ’s behavior, is the path of the narrow ‘me’. The ‘me’ is bottomless in its need and desire, as it needs a constant iteration to support its illusory status. The me’s love is more akin to an imprisonment vis-a-vis ‘this’ so-called ‘love’.0006

The ‘unconditional’ has no binding. We Are this ‘unconditional’ before any manifestation of ego, conditions, or any other creations, to include feelings and sensations. Because the ‘unconditional’ is prior to all manifestations, then there can be no binding ‘the unbindable’. 0007

There is no ‘trying’ to be ‘unbindable’. That would be the ‘me’ playing by the limitation indigenous to transitory phenomena. And all ‘that’ is ‘after’ the unconditional Prior-ness. 0002

All this is pointing away from the character, the ‘me’, and instead pointing to the Priorness that is ineffably permanent and unconditional. 0004

Issues with love abound when there is this mis-identity with form rather than identity with formless-ness (The Priorness). Beingness is the acknowledgement of being formless and condition-less.

Love by ‘being Love’ means that our essential unchanging nature Is Love. When there Is ‘this’ Love, no starting point or endpoint can exist. We Are the permanence of Love unfiltered, unconditioned, and unbiased as an ongoing dynamic of Being. There is no birth nor death of this Love. It Is. 0009

In every Moment, Love abides, as It Is Us.0010

The need for identity is moot as everything and everyone Is essentially Love. There is no subject/object relationship as Love Is the expression of Life itself. Oneness does not See Itself as ‘other’. The ‘other’ can only be an illusion. Love Is Life and Life Is Love. Just ‘Being’ Is Love.


The resonance of Love Is alive in the Now of every moment unabashed and full in the spaciousness that holds form and formless-ness together.

The dream may appear separate but even that is in the Formlessness.0008

Being Love Is a full acceptance of Love as It Is. There is no interruption for the dream to take an illusory hold on this continuity. The dream is Loved as well. It Is part of the play of Consciousness.

Loving by Being Love is effortless and unconditional. There is no real noun or thing, as It Is Loving Loving Itself. That Is Being Being which Is pure Loving. There is nothing to Love but Being in Love. 

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