The character is in the dream. The dream is in an artificial construct called time. The entire dream is artificial and temporary and being dreamt by the ‘unchanging’. The dream and the character in the dream never have access to leaving the dream as the character. It is a dream.  

To try to leave the dream as the character is to not see the illusion of ‘me’ as the character and the dream. The implicit temporary nature of the dream is compelling in that it serves as a link to finite-ness. It does not mean the dream isn’t in eternity. It means that eternity is having the dream that is meaninglessly finite. Meaningless as far as eternity is concerned. The ‘unchanging’ cannot be touched or accessed through this temporary construct. 

The finite-ness is a mask being worn by the ‘unchanging’. There are many masks and many changes to the masks. But all the masks are being worn by One. The masks are in ‘time’. The characters being played are constructs. The ‘unchanging’ never changes while masks are constantly changing. Eternity never sleeps but dreams this finite-ness.

The character can be played best when there is an emptiness (openness) that abides freely as the dominant characteristic of the character. The ‘unchanging’, having no hard characteristics Itself, is then able to use the character’s vehicle for an expression of the Fullness. When there are no agendas, beliefs, conditioning, concepts, and ‘time’ to bump into, the expression Is certainly Divine. 

More typically, the character, the ‘me’, has a mother-lode of issues that preclude an unimpeded vehicle for expression. Thoughts and time collude together to engender a false reality of self. Thoughts travel through the vehicle and the ‘me’ claims them as ‘mine’. The ‘claiming’ happens after the thought.  The reality of thoughts is that they arise from the ‘unchanging’ and belong to no one. 

Everything is just happening with no ‘doing’ by anyone or any ‘me’. ‘Me’ is further established through a ‘past’ and ‘future’, both of which are constructed of mere thought. A ‘thought’ is not Reality. We ‘Are’ without any need for ideas or thoughts, to include those of past/future. Past/future is the domain of the ‘me’.  

What is happening is always in Presence Now. What is not happening is in illusion.  

Freedom Is. There is no plan for freedom as there is no past or future. Freedom Is the openness, the unimpeded vastness of Everything Being Now. 

The ‘saddle point’ of effortlessness is ’nothing’. Nothing to ‘do’. Nothing to ‘get’. Nothing to ’see’ except the ’Seeing’ by Nothingness. It Is a relaxing of the seriousness of the character and a falling into the open space of nothing. This is the true nature -emptiness of Being.  

The character has no role Here. The mask is worn by the character but the pith Is always divine emptiness. Even when the character is seemingly present, it is the divine that is ultimately Present. This is the open space that never leaves no matter the density of the character.  

Freedom is seeing the Seeing. There is no ‘what’ in perceiving. It Is just Perceiving perceiving. ’This’ Is what is happening Now. Let freedom Be.

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