Not unlike the Hamilton play, the ‘space’ where it happens is essential to ‘being’ there. Even later, outside of the essential moment, ‘knowing’ what happened, is best articulated by the presence of attendees.

The ‘happening’ of the event can be retranslated later but not without compromising the perfection of what had happened. The ‘aliveness’ that was present in ‘that’ moment is certainly not present in a retranslation. Not having this ‘aliveness’ leaves a distillation that is lacking in fullness, however articulated by the attendees.  

Another point to consider is the viewpoint of having a ‘view’. Each participant in the ‘space’ where it happens usually has a ‘view’. When there is ‘no view’, it is if there is no participant. ’No view’ leaves no residue of ‘my’ or ‘mine’. It is just what happened with no ‘holding’ of anything to include a ‘view’.

The purity of the ‘moment’ has no stops unless we create them. Creating ‘stops’, stops the flow. The ‘flow’ has no view unless we say it does. A ‘view’ is created and then ‘it’ seemingly stops flowing.

The ‘space’ where it happens lets everything happen without any rendering of separation and characterization into ‘this’ and ‘that’  and/or ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Creating a noun is creating a stop.  

The ‘aliveness’ is ‘alive’ due to its expression in ‘this’ moment. And there is only ‘this’ moment. The Now is not in linear time. Linear time has a beginning/end. The Now has no start or finish. This is the ‘aliveness’ that cannot be successfully brought into the past or future. It Is eternity expressing an unlimited view with never any stops at any time.

The ‘space’ is emptiness of all forms. The appearance of forms does not affect emptiness or negate the integrity of formlessness. Forms appear/disappear distinguishing themselves by their temporariness. Forms do not have a ‘Presence’ as they are dreamt.

The substance is the emptiness, the formless, the ’space’ that Is alive with loving awareness Now. Ideas, goals, conceptual frameworks are lesser vehicles used by the mind to transact the dreaming of life from the viewpoint of the body. Emptiness needs no view as it Is Everything Now to include time itself.

Being ‘here’ means being Being with the assertion that identity is known as ‘Being’. ‘Being’, either in the dream of life or in a sleeping dream, is ‘Knowing’ the ‘Knowing’ with no stops for the appearances and viewpoints. 

There is identity with the incarnation of form but only for purposes of transacting Beingness in form. ’Space’ allows the appearance of all forms and ultimately is form. However, the Presence of ’space’ does not get lost in identification in form. ‘Everything’ Is already everything.

Being in the ‘space’ where it happens is not a ‘doing’. It Is an alive resonance having nuclear moments constantly. Seeing that ‘we’ Are ’space’ and feeling the depth of our own openness Now/always is enough. Nothing needs to be added to ‘Everything’. The emptiness of ’space’ Is complete with or without things.

Content, if actually added, to the fullness of ’space’ would create a contraction of space. Content is often used to create identity. Identity is a ‘seeming’ contraction in ’space’. 

Lose the attachment to content and just ‘Be’.  All forms abide in this emptiness. The vastness of ‘space’ is a metaphor for letting go and accepting emptiness Itself as Truth of Self. Existence Itself has to be before any thoughts or ideas. Views and identity are after-thoughts.  Existence Is.

Be the existence of the ’space’ where it all Is happening Now.

“Go beyond the circumstances of your life. Go beyond the stories of your mind. Go beyond the sensations in your body and open to that which lies beyond all experience… the vast, infinite, open space of awareness which experiences arise. Allow your attention to melt into and merge fully with that.” -Louise Kay

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