Space is a metaphor for letting go of the hardness of seeing reality in a bi-polar view i.e. this and that of duality. Even from the framework of duality (subject/object) we can easily recognize the hardness of positions and predilections. This hardness or density is a binding limitation prompted by believing in polarities as the basis of existence. Polarities are an expression of existence and NOT a basis of ‘pure’ existence and beyond (before). Polarities come after the Being-ness of existence.

Despite their density, polarities ultimately are essential ’space’, as space allows everything. Succinctly, space allows density despite no density in space.  Forms have density. It is the nature of forms. Formlessness has an essential lack of forms. All forms cannot be anywhere without being in ’space’ first.

Here ‘formlessness’ is synonymous with ‘space’. Form and formless are parts of space.

Duality engenders division through a singular belief in the limited forms of thought. This division is a separation from the foundational energy of formless Being-ness through the over-identification with content (thought) versus the density-free zone of no-thought and no density.

Forms are commonly celebrated over formlessness by pursuit of unity/harmony through the specious density of forms. Perseverating on forms creates ’stops’  or ‘binding’ in the flow of dense-free space.  The ’stop’ occurs because the flow is not allowed due to the hardening of desire to ‘own’ a particular density.

Thoughts bind due to the dis-allowing of ‘flow’. Thoughts then harden into traits i.e. vasanas. Freedom to be apart from this conditioning is freedom from the density caused by these stops and/or bindings. Flow has no stops as ‘it’ can see past any presumed bindings as not causal. Flow recognizes the freedom of infinite space as the edge that has no stops. Flow is falling comfortably with no intention of stopping for any form.

Observing ourselves as a form of density is stickiness to density plus the added artificiality of establishing a ‘doer’ to do. Observing ourselves as space with absolutely no stops, brings in a vast emptiness that is ‘doing’ by ‘Being’. A ‘doer’ would be a ‘stop’ or a ‘noun’ working outward. Being-ness or ‘flow’ is verb-ing non-stop in open infinite space. Freedom Is this. There are no ‘stops’ here. And ‘here’ is everywhere.

Crashing into objects because of the identification with objects of high density, is common in the self that is believed in. Every time we identify with a thought, it inevitably crashes (stops) into a concept that binds us into a suffering self. The suffering is the trying to establish a better life for the separate idea of the doer’ or the ‘me’. This is density on steroids.

Presence cannot be conceptually found as it has no density, stop, or form. Feeling Self as spatially there as Love Itself in the spiritual heart, is finding existence Itself aware of Itself. Enjoining with the emptiness that holds the entirety of the universe, visible/un-visible, requires being emptiness Itself. Feel one-self as space that allows all forms effortlessly, as there is no binding here. Become this Awareness that offers It’s space to anything/everything at all times.

The density of space Is un-manifest formless-ness. And ‘that’ Is unconditional Love. Love flows effortlessly Here. Be ’That’. 

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