What is the backing of all activity, sensations, perceptions, and forms? 

In order for any construct or form to appear there has to be an un-occluded space for it. Without the spaceless space, collisions and chaos would challenge any manifestation to be clear and unambiguous.  

A characteristic of this ‘space’ is Stillness. Clarity is best served by the juxtaposition of an eternal unmoving stillness with a coordinated barrage of seeming unending moving stimuli that characterizes the somewhat predictable universe in which we abide.  

The conclusion here is that the universal space has a unifying influence on what is in the space. Otherwise what orders the order? What coordinates the countless objective field of things to operate under some mutual framework? And what can produce order without interference as another object or thing?

What is being pointed to here is ‘what’ cannot be seen. The nature of Stillness, Silence, and Spaciousness is clearly not to be seen but always Present. 

Theoretically, if the ‘unseen’ would be ‘seen’ then there would be a ‘stop’, albeit creation. Creation cannot function as an arbiter of the universe in that creation is a clear stop. The Universe flows seamlessly always without stops. Stops are a creation with ‘limitation’ as a primary characteristic.

The Universe remains undiminished and unlimited in formlessness while creating forms that are limited and ultimately empty. The forms point back to the Universe as it is all Universe.

Stillness is perennially Present. Forms do not block Its Presence. At any moment, Stillness can be found supporting the infrastructure of all forms and phenomena. In the universe and in our particular life, Stillness abides quietly giving space to “What Is”.  

The phenomena of “What Is” is secondary to no-phenomena of “What Is”. In other words, forms come after formlessness. It Is the formlessness that informs creation (forms). The Stillness can only be experienced by Stillness. Stillness has no stops or forms. Forms, concepts, and mind cannot divine Stillness. The limitation of forms disallows forms to be used to find Stillness. 

Knowing the unlimited through the direct experience of Stillness, without contributions from the mind, is the ticket to Be. There is nothing that the mind can add to Stillness that it doesn’t already have. And there is nothing that can be taken away from Stillness as It cannot be diminished. Forms can be used to find forms. Stillness does not need to be found. It Is.

Whom we are before, during, and after forms is this ineffable Stillness.

The flow of Stillness is not a movement per se. It Is the continuous substrate of Being suffusing everything and everyone at all times. It allows movement to flow from It. It Is ‘allowing’ with no doer.

Stillness is always there/here. And phenomenological movement will always reveal the Stillness.  See the underside of any form by feeling the resonance Present there before any form. Stillness is not form or movement based. Effortlessly let ‘that’ Stillness flow. In the depths of our heart this can be felt Now.  

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