The ‘illusion’ that  is ‘seen’ is actually seen. There is reality to an illusion. What the illusion ‘misrepresents’ is part of the illusion. There is a deliberateness in the evoking of unreality in the reality of illusion. Illusions are fakes just as ‘fakes’ are real. Is that Rembrandt real or a fake? 

The central issue of ‘reality’ is Seeing the substance of life before making any conclusions about the certainty of forms (matter). It can be argued that all forms and appearances are fake. That does not alter the obligation ‘to play the game’ and participate in its dharma. 

‘How’ we play the game is what is imperative. If we do not recognize the fact that it Is a game (aka illusion), then we respond with a faux ‘ground’. Creating a fake ground means we really believe in the illusion and miss its ‘falseness’. That stops flow (seemingly). 

The real ‘ground’ is being Being.  And ‘Being’ is the groundless ground, meaning It Is before all the Leela (divine play) and form.  

If we create a false ground and ‘believe’ in it when we play the game, we lose Ourselves. Losing Ourselves is not the object of the game, ideally. Conversely, when we never lose our ‘real’ reference point (groundless ground), we understand the illusion and not take the game too seriously. 

Our Being-ness is always referenced and never lost in playing any role or game. What ideally is lost is belief in the ‘role of personhood’. Who is playing before, during and after the game, e.g. “Fortnite”?

If we win the game or if we lose the game, it matters not to our ‘ground’ if we maintain the ’Seeing’ and ‘Being’ of Knowing Self ceaselessly. When our ‘ground’ and ultimate reference point is veiled, we subjugate Ourselves to illusory characters not really any different than those in the game we are playing.

Coming from the point that ‘everything’ Is ‘Knowing’, we then Know We are always the ‘Knowing’. The illusion is ultimately the ‘Knowing’ taking the form of illusion itself. The ‘Knowing’ is in the illusion Itself. If ‘everything’ Is Everything, then even the illusions know the Knowing.

The deliberateness of illusions are part of the perfection of perfection. From the view of ‘no view’ the obstacles are not obstacles. The obstacles are inherently pointers to the formless Knowing.

Illusions are found in finiteness. Finiteness is a contraction of infinity. Infinity has zero finiteness or illusion. The separation from Self is illusion.

See the illusion from the ‘Knowing’ central to the heart space. It Is all sourced from Our Being-ness, effortlessly Now. Everything Is Knowing the Loving. ’That’ Is real. 

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