I am not a bad person. I am not even ‘a’ person. There is too much  limitation in any of all ‘that’. 

Identity with an idea about whom we are is limiting Self to a ‘thing’ or just another idea. The ‘idea’ of Awareness is not Awareness. That would be too much limitation as well as making ‘Awareness’ an object.

Awareness cannot limit Itself to some such characterizations as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The Everything has everything to include those ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ‘ideas’. The Unbounded-ness cannot be bound and still remain unbounded. 

When we put ourselves in any category we limit ourselves. Categories are subsets of possibilities. To suggest one possibility over another is to make a preference for that possibility. ‘Preference’ is a synonym for limitation i.e. one over another. No preferences is ‘spaciousness’. Ergo, ‘spaciousness’ has no preferences because there are no limitations.

We Are the Spaciousness that is ‘before’ everything.  Being ‘good’ is not a requirement for Spaciousness to Be. Spaciousness, Stillness, Silence, Is ‘before’ the ideas of ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘ugly’. If our identity is at the endpoint of creation, we miss the substance of being Being. 

We are not static and un-alive things. We Are Life Itself giving animation to everything. Being-ness is seminal existence. It Is the Prior-ness, the life that Is, without memory, projection, and/or especially ideas, all of which come subsequently.  

The indulgence in ‘things’ or ‘ideas’ is a trading of ‘no view’ for a particular view, e.g. “I am good”. Owning and resonating with a point of view is connecting with ideas at the expense of our True Nature. It is a pursuit of duality. It is an opening for a ‘doer’ to separate from just Being. And the ‘doer’ is not right/wrong. It just isn’t. 

“What Is” just Is. Nothing, not even ideas of ‘good’ can be added to It.

Any point of view is a distillation of “What Is”.  A distillation is a separation from the whole. No point of view equals no expectations.

‘No expectations’ releases any binding to allow more freedom and unbounded-ness. Even expectations of being ‘good’ are binding because there is a limited parochial definition of ‘good’. What was ‘good’ in one place at one time is no longer ‘good’ at this place and at this time.

Moreover, when definitions come from ego/doer, these definitions are not from a primary source. The ego/doer is a real illusion that is not real. The illusion of the ego/doer will inquire as to its own validity -“Am I getting this?”  

When we See that we have a ‘point of view’, we can also See we are indulging in limitation and narrowness. See the ‘point of view’ as an opportunity to See the narrowing of Spaciousness Itself. Seeing ’that’, Is Spaciousness.

Awareness, Stillness, Spaciousness, Silence, and Unboundedness are not bound by ‘any’ point of view. All points of view are present in Presence. Oneness Is merging into Oneness.

Things are just as they appear without any conditions. There is no real good or bad, essentially meaning that we Are Awareness with nothing between us. The ‘us’ is not even there as ‘this’ Is all Awareness.

I am Awareness. That is enough. Expect nothing Be Everything.

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