Reliably, space does not move. Reliably, Here and Now does not change.

What changes constantly is what is in the ‘space’ here and now. That ‘change’ is reliably changing. Without the definition of a clear un-occluded space, our thoughts, sensations, perceptions, things, concepts would not be available to discern. 

Space is always Present in untold volume, Here and Now. And that space is not quantifiable as it is nothingness.

There is only ‘one’ space. It has no quantity that can be measured. A small space is not really a ‘small’ space as it can never be diminished. It is always the same space regardless of our housing of space in jars or buildings.

Space can be seen as essentially performing the same task whether it is in the waking state or dream state. Even when there is seemingly nothing anywhere, like the void, there is space Present. Space Is Presence without form engaging with forms and/or without forms.

If there is a task, that task cannot be completed anywhere but in space Itself. Space is the limit because it is limitless.        

Space is operating in timelessness and in the seeming construct of time. Space is unaffected in either situation. It Is Present. It Is always the same space. 

A compelling characteristic of space is that it always is in receiving Itself and/or everything. There is no discrimination in space as there is only ‘one’ space. Additionally, Everything is already ‘space’ Itself.  For this reason, space does not have to move.

Here/Now does not move as ‘it’ too is ultimately space.

Space is the beginning and space is the end. But then, there is no difference as the difference is the addition of time.  

The relationship of space to the body is there is no ‘real’ relationship. It Is just space. Seeing the body at the keyboard is seeing ‘one’ field. Experientially we are seeing and experiencing things in ‘one’ field. The ‘owning’ that we ‘do’ with our bodies does not then make two fields or two objects (subject/object). Thinking we are separate does not make it so in Reality.

Categorical divisions are much ‘after’ the experiencing of reality. Making a division itself is by its nature divisive/arbitrary. Our experiencing comes first with division subsequent. Having a typology has nothing to do with Reality.   

Space is ‘spacing’ in that It Is alive and timeless. There is no inertness Here. Feeling Self as ‘space’ is a letting go of ‘stuff’ that is in space. The heart space is perhaps a clearer emptiness where the aliveness can more easily be felt.

Space is infinitely generous. ’That’ can also be called un-conditional Love. There is no holding here. There are no stops in emptiness otherwise it would not be emptiness. Love thrives in an empty unconditional  milieu. ‘It’ welcomes and accepts everything/everyone always. That is the nature of space and Love.

Give space, Be Love. Love always everywhere, every time. There Is only one space and only one Love.    

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