Knowing is elemental and existential. If there were no ‘knowing’ this blog could not be read, seen, or understood. Knowing always comes first before even any sentient gate. The five sentient gates are pathways for ‘knowing’. The ‘known’ all ends up at the ‘knowing’.

Strictly speaking, this ‘knowing’ is not equivalent to intelligence. It is intelligence like it is everything. ‘Knowing’ is the unacquired knowledge that cannot be taught. In a ‘classic’ sense, intelligence is something we acquire and learn. Neither of these characteristics fully defines the depth of ‘knowing’.

The ‘knowing’ itself is limitless and undefinable. To fully define it is to fully limit it. Moreover, the lack of a ‘hard and fast’ definition reflects the inability of a lesser vehicle (mind) to define and contain something that cannot be conceptualized. Like the mind, ideas too, cannot grasp the vastness of no limits.

The temerity of passing phenomena divining existential ‘Isness’ is a common practice among most of our population. It is the malpractice of using insufficient tools to render opinions that have no basis in Reality.

The ‘knowing’ is not an experience. And ‘knowing the ‘knowing’ is not an experience. The ‘knowing’ cannot be funneled into an experience. And yet ultimately even experience is only the ‘knowing’.

The ‘knowing’ never leaves and yet the ‘knowing’ leaves no trace. Emptiness Is the ‘knowing’. All there is to experience is experience. The ‘knowing’ allows and knows all experience yet no experience can touch the ‘knowing’.

‘Knowing’ cannot be limited by any experiential happening. The ‘knowing’ dominates and integrates every experience without interfering in any way. Without the ‘knowing’ no experience can be known.

The feeling of ‘not knowing’ is knowing ‘self’ as pure openness. This ‘not knowing’ is the emptiness of the ‘knowing’. ’Not knowing’ is the movement into ‘knowing’. The acquired knowledge is let go as ‘that’ knowledge has inherent liabilities in reaching the ‘knowing’. The ‘not knowing’ is the allowing of ‘knowing’ more overtly. Acquired knowledge cannot alone bring us to our true unacquired nature. Acquired knowledge has utility, certainly. It’s limitations prohibit its exclusive use for Knowing Self.

‘Knowing’ ‘not knowing’ is ‘knowing’ forms and formless. The identity with ‘knowing’ is the ‘not knowing’ of self alone. The Self we are is elemental existence before form. Over-identification with form is a pretense that disallows ‘not knowing’ and ultimately ‘knowing’ Knowing.

Knowing ‘Knowing’ is everything. This is the language of unconditional Love. Know Thyself. Love all. 

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