There is no question, the answer is only the Oneness. There cannot be an ‘us’ or ‘them’. There cannot be a ‘you’ and ‘me’. There is only this Oneness.

Separation from the Oneness is still within the Oneness. ‘It’ is simply an appearance in Oneness. Separation is not separate from the vastness of everything. Seeming separation is merely a permutation and coloring of Oneness. 

Separate ideas of subject/object indeed have no permanence or longevity except in a conceptual framework. ‘Not two’  is a remembering of permanence and a deliberate forgetting of imagining ‘separate’ to having any ‘real’ relevance.

There is no ‘who’ pointing to a ‘whom’. The ‘person’ is a temporary phenomenon self-sustained merely through false belief. Everything is always ‘one’ thing expressing Itself. The expressions are after true identity. True Self requires no belief system. Belief systems and false identities sustain themselves through time, as there is nothing really there except belief.

There is no separation in the Oneness as it is only the Oneness.

All points point to the Oneness. The starting point is nothing. The starting point is the endpoint. There is no difference. Everything falls into place when Knowing ‘this’ starting point. There is nothing to hold on to and nothing to get. The only thing gotten is freedom to Be. All the expressions and phenomena are just that. There is really nothing to hold on to here. The freedom is in letting go. Being Is just Being. 

Having space for ‘nothing’ requires infinite space. The ‘me’ is phenomena incapable of containing the vastness. The ‘me’ is an artifact projected in the construct of time. 

When the ‘me’ is suddenly not ‘me’ then the veil of illusion falls flat. The Oneness has always been present Seeing all experiences without needing the illusory me and its commentary. The Oneness is the One that lives life, ultimately making all decisions as there is no-one else to make them. 

There can be no-one looking for this Oneness. There is no looking/searching. Looking is doing. There is no ‘looker’ and there is no ‘doer’. There is just ‘doing’ by Being. What gets done by Being is receiving. Oneness is the infinite space for allowing everything to Be. 

We Are ‘that’ everything and only that. Starting from everything is the shortest distance to Being everything. Love the fullness of loving everything. There is only the Oneness.

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