Everything has nothing. There is no conflict between these statements. What experience is, is nothing. Experience does not last. Nothingness lasts. The content is temporal while the movement of consciousness Being consciousness plays on timelessly. Experiencing experiencing and/or experiencing phenomena is ultimately just consciousness Being consciousness.

Experience can be a developmental tool to self-educate ourselves in regards to self-imposed limitations of not Being Everything/Nothing. The limitations are always sponsored by an idea called ‘me’. ‘Me’, the artificial construct, cannot get out of the way enough to perceive its own futility. Limitations will always persist in this shallow idea. ‘Experience’ is a ‘stop’ and is then owned by the ‘me’. Limitation cannot leave this infantile expression.

Conversely, experiencing never stops. 

There is not enough ‘space’ in the ‘me’ to ever get out of limitation. In other words, ‘me’ is limitation. There is no room in the ‘me’ to even ‘See’ more limitation being manufactured when we try to suppress this ‘me’, especially when striving to be a better or more spiritual person.

The ’striving’ itself is a limitation, in that, that activity automatically denies the existence of what is always Present. The ‘me’ striving is essentially an illusion wanting to be a better illusion. Thoughts and ideas are ineffective vehicles to realize what is not a thought, idea, or illusion.

Using fields of limitation to find no-limitation is a fool’s errand.  Losing the ‘me’ does not interest the ‘me’ as it would be the death of ‘me’. And of course that would be unacceptable to the ‘me’.

The death of ‘me’ would change identity and limitation radically. What is left is no identity and no limitation. Nothing and Everything then shows up as clearly Present and as having never left.  

What got eliminated was limitation and a very parochial view. Spaciousness ‘Sees’ the artificial-ness that was imposed by holding on and stopping ‘experience’ to define self. Patterns of limitation cannot be clearly seen when they define our ‘seeing’. ‘Seeing’ (clearly) is always unobstructed by no holding and/or stopping for any thing.

Beliefs and concepts invite illusion (stops). Access to Self cannot be found by these devices.

’Nothing’ tells us we are a zero. There is no 2nd or a ‘me’. Personhood  and/or identity, are artificial constructs. There is only the ‘Oneness’ expressing Itself as Everything/Nothing. We are in control even when we are seemingly demonstrating acts of being out of control. The answer lies in who the ‘we’ Is.

Experience is there not to get involved with it, but to expose the limitation of hanging on to it. When the ‘me’ identifies and stops to dance with the idea called ‘me’, it is losing freedom to be so much more i.e. Everything.

What We Are is ‘experiencing’ not experience (except ultimately). Being ‘Nothingness’ is the spaciousness that allows everything. Locking in ‘things’ and ‘ideas’ is not the freedom of no limits.

Being ‘Nothing’ Is ‘Everything’.

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