If a river is constantly stopping for needy tourists, does it really represent river-ing? More accurately, the ‘description’ sounds more like a boat on the river. Is our identity with the river (river-ing) or the boat? 

River-ing is what defines a river. Removing the flow with added starts and stops is more representative of a boat. When a river stops it no longer is a river. 

If there is an obstacle, the river goes around it. The flow is what defines the river. The river and its river-ing metaphorically represent our Self. Self flows as a clear definition of Itself. If Self is not flowing then it is not the Self. ’Not’ flowing represents the artificial ‘me’. ‘Me’ cannot get out of the way of ‘me’. ‘Me’ cannot flow while being the ‘me’. Starts and stops are representative of the ’trying’ of the ‘me’. 

Smooth energy does not have starts/stops or does it? We ‘know’ un-conceptually when ’It’ feels right. There is no artificial-ness to ‘It’. Effortless-ness brings Us home. There is no start/stop of Nothingness (Being-ness). 

The ‘Flow’ cannot really be stopped except seemingly so.  This smooth energy is smooth precisely because ‘It’ Is an infinite ride into infinity. The limitless-ness of infinity cannot ever stop otherwise the limitless boundaries would then be definable. And that would then make ‘It’ definable limited phenomena.  

The smooth-ness is a characteristic of effortless Being precisely because of our innate connection to whom we really Are. The connection is always Present as ‘It’ could not be otherwise. Our in-consistencies are representative of mis-placed identity with phenomenological occurrences due to a chronic reinforced programming.  Belief systems matter in this case, as they provide a continual reinforcement of separation from Being-ness.    

The question then requires a further inquiry into Being-ness about Being-ness. Does Being-ness have or need a belief system? A belief system would be a ‘construct’ or limitation of the unlimited and ‘that’ cannot stand. There is no hurry to understand or divine the Divine. It just Is. To throw any belief system on it, is to thoroughly mis-understand the ‘river’.

‘Smooth-ness’ does not ever ‘need’ definition. Period. Experiencing river-ing Is experiencing without the ‘need’ for ‘experience’. The ‘stop’ called ‘experience’ is ‘not’ to be stopped for at any time. Experience is essentially a product of river-ing. It is a temporal message that is seen and read but not kept. Hanging on to experience aka messages, is not nor can be the river-ing. 

Smooth-ness abides in the open-ness of the freedom of flowing through every thing. Stopping and hanging on cannot Be this smooth-ness.

The ‘smooth’ energy of Self Is without understanding nor a need to understand. ‘Understanding’ in this case would throw limitation on the un-limited. Being It, Is the ticket to Being smooth and flowing down the river of life. The river-ing does not need to be explained by a lesser vehicle. 

There is not someone Being the river-ing. It Is just the river-ing smoothly flowing through the turns and ups and downs of life Itself. The Smoothness Is Knowing ceaselessly, our true identity as having no stops or starts. This Is our Self and there is nothing here for the ‘me’.

The journey of the river is river-ing. River-ing is being Being. There is no ‘other’ trip. Smooth energy is this ‘Knowing’ always ‘Knowing’. 

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