Allowing is not a controlled process. Typically, allowing is often mis-applied as a ‘doing’. And this is because the mind and the ‘me’ is still in charge trying to get past all that and become the Becoming. 

Of course, the problem is that the venue of the ‘me’ has not changed. The change is coming from the ‘me’ because the ‘me’ is not in the comfort level it ‘needs’ to be in. The ‘me’ is looking for relief as long as the ‘me’ can remain the ‘me’.   

The ‘me’ is ‘doing’ it’s best. However, the romanticism of becoming something greater than the little ‘me’ is being viewed, still, from the ‘me’.  Until all ‘that’ changes, no change in view will occur. 

A change in view needs to occur to preclude the ‘doing’. Until that time , un-doing the ‘doing’ remains a ‘doing’. The ‘doing’ is a direct representative action of the ‘me’. This limitation cannot see past the narrowness of its confines. The result can only be a virtual prison with no hope of release.

The ‘struggle’ is being someone we are not. We are not an illusion. Control is the illusion in the illusion. ‘Doing’ from the view of ‘me’ is the hunkering down to gross limitation. Whenever we have to have it ‘our’ way, that is expression of limitation. The ‘Openness’ is then closed. Control from the ‘me’ goes to density. There is no ‘allowing’ here.  

How can we change our view?

The ‘View’ is not ‘our’ view. The Seeing is Seeing and then the compromise comes in to artificially create a ‘view’, aka the ‘me’. There is no noun called a ‘view’ Here. The un-atttached ‘View’ is a verb more accurately stated as ‘Viewing’, with no specific stop to say ‘this’ or ‘that’ view. The ‘Viewing’ never stops verb-ing.

The ‘Viewing’ Is effortless Being. There is no ‘doing’ Here. There Is no-one Here but the Formless. Being the Formless Is Being Being. It Is Here that ‘allowing’ abides without preference. Allowing ‘allowing’ Is Being Being. 

When we allow allowing there is no ‘me’ to check up on things. Full acceptance has no need to control. It Is everything Being everything. ‘Doing’ and even ‘not doing’ have aspects of control. Accepting has zero control.

When we accept everything exactly as ‘it Is’ without argument, we are in direct alignment with the ‘Isness’. There is no qualifying of seeming dysfunctions and/or distortions. Even here, Consciousness is seen as the leela of Consciousness.

Control is wanting to have it our way. Control is very invasive as the ‘me’ is attempting to survive.

Acceptance of ‘allowing’ is effortless. Any effort is a ‘push’ that then mis-directs and changes ‘allowing’ into something else more in alignment with ‘me’ energy. ‘Allowing’ Is Openess with no artificial obstructions. A clear field of nothingness. It cannot not be otherwise lest we birth backdoor obstructionism.

The point of allowing ‘allowing’ is nothing Being nothing. Everything naturally unfolds. Control is illusion and therefore there can be no ‘me’ controlling.

Until we own our thoughts, they are not our thoughts. We own nothing nor control anything unless we choose to be in an illusory state. Seeing ‘that’ from the view of ‘no view’ is choosing the open field of no stops to ‘having’ anything. 

When there is only Oneness, what else can there Be? Allowing is the un-doing of doing. Allowing allowing Is just Being.    

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