Never leaving Us, ‘It’ Is present in all activity and non-activity. ‘It’ has never left, ever. ‘It’ Is not in time to find an end or beginning.  Just knowing this, even from the viewpoint of the little ‘me’, we can  understand ‘this’ from that thing called the mind. The logic of ‘this’ is there to cause a re-think of the dream we are ‘normally’ abiding in.

More importantly, when engaging with the ‘permanence’, intimately, we naturally realize our beginning/end of who we thought we were. The ‘self’ is truly fictional and an afterthought at best. The self, as a thought, has as much standing as any other fleeting thought. It comes and goes.  

The ‘permanence’ can be relied upon 24/7/365 because of Its inherent unchanging nature. Access there is not a problem we may ‘think’ it is. There is no access point as ‘It’ Is always present. Looking for an access point is merely the mind distancing and dancing away from this obvious ‘permanence’. Access to permanence is always here and now.

The access to ‘permanence’ problem shows up again and again as a systemic belief in the dream as a separate self. The repetition of constantly landing in a virtual concept of ‘me’, is disruptive to clearing space to ’See’. ‘Seeing’ is never not present. ‘Seeing’ is veiled (seemingly) by the ritualistic behaviors of supporting, maintaining, and defending an illusory temporary self.

If there was no place to land, where would we land?

Possibly better to ask, why do we think we need to land in any thing? Does landing give us more access to ‘It’?

The ‘need’ to land reveals a deeper truth that perhaps there is no sufficient reason that merits ‘landing’ anywhere and at anytime. What makes ‘landing’ as anything really necessary/important?

‘Landing’ does one essential thing, i.e. it seemingly stops the still movement of Being while asserting the belief, creation, and sustenance of a false self. If ‘landing’ did not occur there would not be a construction of any ‘thing’ with the subsequent identity of ‘me’. 

The flow or river-ing of energy, will not sustain any stagnant pools of no-flow for any specious landings for any significant time. The permanence of the ‘flow’ always abides effortlessly. Landing a ‘self’ is a blocking of the natural wave-like movement of being Being.   

Landings of energy may seemingly take place, but there is no ‘we’ or ‘me’ that then  has to be established. The appearance of the body/mind does not evoke Oneness to become less than everything It already Is. Identity as Oneness does not need anything, especially a dreamed form, to Be. 

The ‘Being’ is the prior permanence to all forms. Forms are direct expressions of Being-ness. The only identity there is, Is the Oneness. To suggest an additional identity is to thoroughly miss the vastness of Oneness.

At best, identity is temporary. Relative to ‘permanence’, landing with identity is over-playing the temporary. What is permanent is the Oneness and can be found prior to any expression Being-ness evokes.

Seeing and being the permanence in every moment with no stops or landings, assures allegiance to Being all there Is. Seeing the appearances of body/mind as appearances secondary to our True Nature, Is falling freely with no need to land anywhere any time. 

There is only one True Nature and that Is Oneness undefined and spacious.  The ’permanence’ cannot be landed. It Is Nothing prior to everything. Being the emptiness is always enough. Appearances are not investments to pursue. The only landing is falling freely and formlessly.

Access ‘that’.

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