The ‘Now’ does not wait for a thought. Thoughts are so secondary to the ‘Now’.

Thoughts are in the ‘Now’ but not at the pure frequency of ‘Now’. Differences in frequency are differences in integrated-ness. The ‘Now’ covers everything always, as It Is everything. Thoughts are fleeting bubbles on this ocean. The core frequency of ‘Now’ never changes. Conversely, time/thoughts oscillate on the surface, changing constantly.

Time is the construct that is similar to thoughts in that ‘it’ is an illusion that appears as reality. Time has no say on limiting and/or effecting the ‘Now”.

Nothing can change the permanence of ‘Now’. Even ‘things’ that appear/disappear are mere temporary creations. The ‘Now’ is before time and other constructs. And notably, past/future never really exist.It Is the ‘Now’ that is always experiencing. There is never an experiencer.

The ‘Now’ doesn’t have experiences. In order to have experiences, the ‘Now’ would have to be ‘other’ than the ‘Now’. It would have to stop and become some ‘thing’ and then have the experience. And then, the ‘Now’ could no longer be the ‘Now’. It is this seeming duality that abides in time and form.

To understand the ‘Now’ is to miss the ‘Now’. There is nothing to understand. It is like asking for more when you are everything. There is nothing missing in the ‘Now’.

The immediacy of the ‘Now’ is truly telling. When there is ‘no’ drag of any past nor any concern for any future, this ‘immediacy’ is felt. It is like 100 per cent ‘here’ in this moment versus the usual option to go to the nowhere of illusion/delusion.

‘Here’ there is no concern about protecting or monitoring anything. That ‘type of control’ is not only illusory but plays into the instability of ‘me’ and ‘other’.

There is no ‘me’ and there is no ‘time’. The ‘me’ needs time to be the ‘me’. Losing either ‘idea’ can be liberating from living in the illusory mobile prison of suffering.

The ‘immediacy of Now’ cannot be an ‘immediacy’ in time. Time would interfere with the authenticity of pure Being-ness in action. The ‘immediacy’ is clear and unimpeded by thoughts, past, future, and/or protecting anything. ‘Immediacy’ is pure aliveness that has no bounds. It Is freedom Itself. ‘Here’, there is no obeisance to a ‘thing’.

‘Immediacy’ is the effortless urgency of life Itself ‘Now’. It Is the Vastness Being Vastness ‘Now’. It Is only the Vastness. There is no one ‘here’ to have the awareness of the ‘Immediacy’ of ‘Now’.

Adding someone or some thing like time, is adding to what cannot be added to. There is no time like ‘Now’.

This’ Is the felt prior-ness that cannot be explained. Live immediately and compellingly and effortlessly ‘Now’ as there is no ‘other’. Look to ‘Now’ for ‘Now.

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