Give up. Give up having to know ‘this’ or having to not know ‘that’. Give up ‘getting it’ or ‘not getting it’. All ‘that’ is a stopping at a stop with no movement or satisfaction. Moving past a sticking point involves movement out of a worn down pattern into an alternative view. The problem cannot be solved at the level it was created. Only when there is movement ‘outside’ the tightness of a sticky contraction, can a solution be realized.

Giving up really involves giving up on a failed system. Giving up may offend some people. Usually, the ones that are offended are the ones that resist changing the paradigm. One’s previous investment, coupled with the long-term commitments already institutionalized, plus the personal struggles made by many individuals, will find a need to resist. All these people will vehemently argue in favor of less radical tweaks to the system.

Resistance to change is essentially staying at stopping point and arguing for more time. Arguing for time is investing in illusion that uses time to ‘stop’ the fluid movement of non-attachment to any ‘thing’. On the other hand, giving up ‘time’ is showing up immediately for the Is-ness of Now and more Now ad infinitum. There is no seeming comfort or stop in this timeless-ness.

Falling freely into the space-less space means that there are no crashes because there is no place to hold or land. Security is the falling. Falling perpetually is the freedom.

There is nothing to find Here. But that nothing is everything because it is nothing first. The space shows up before the content. The content is always temporary/secondary. The space, metaphorically is where everything happens. The stability of the backdrop does not change, ever. It Is primary.

Perpetually surrendering to ‘this’ is a clear acknowledgement of our true identity. And Here there is no ‘thing’ nor is there an ‘other’. This is the nothingness that is everything. This is the Source that dresses Itself in the seeming everything that Is Itself. And Here there is no difference between outer/inner, everything/nothing, and/or knowing/not knowing.

The Oneness knows no duality. Being the ‘me’ is never enough as it is only the clothing covering the substance of Being. The ‘me’ has edges that required maintenance/sustenance. There are no edges or limits to being Being. Being aware of being aware reveals an immediate openness that does not vacillate.

The cycling of joy/sorrow is indigenous to a failed system that cannot be relieved of a built-in bias to ultimately fail the remediation of inevitable suffering. Giviing up on finding a solution to a problem-based existence is to see the limits of the system that cannot never not fail. The solution is outside the failed system, period.

The solution has always been Here and Now. The construct of ‘time’ is never an impediment to ‘What Is’. Conversely, identifying and engaging in a failed system is reliable failure. Seeing and witnessing the failed system from the openness of Nothingness is the ticket to ride into the immediacy of Nothngness.

Nothing added, ever, is everything. Stopping nowhere is going everywhere. The movement is Stillness. The substance is Nothingness. Only add what cannot be added. Know ‘this’.

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