A conclusion is a stopping point. The ‘me’ is a stopping point. Here, we collect and drop off ’things’ that we think we will need later. It is a constant receiving of this ‘stuff’ that continually defines and limits this idea that we call ‘me’. The specific defining and reinforcing of this ‘me’ occurs through a devotion to getting more things for this ‘me’. We need ‘more’ because it is never enough to just be the ‘me’. Satiation is elusive when separation from true Self is a key characteristic of ‘me’. Pervasive thoughts about ‘me’ keep this separation secured from our true Self.

The manufacturing of this ‘me’ has a clear neediness of ‘never enough’. When we add ‘my’ to it all, identity and ownership vigorously show up. And subsequently there are defensive and protective reactions to preserving and to maintaining all this ‘stuff’ of self. The ‘my’ of self and ‘my’ thoughts lock us in conclusively to the failed idea called ‘me’. 

What do we do with all these ‘things’ after they are seemingly secured?  The question really is what does it do to us?

All these things accumulated, to include the stories, become the essential ‘me’. The ‘me’ is not even alive as it is just ’stuff’. Our identity is woven into this ’stuff’. This identity with things and concepts has no valid aliveness. It is inert from the very beginning. The ideas about ‘me’ are merely fictional and limited. We become mere products with a label of ‘me’ unconsciously slapped on.

What is interesting about ‘me’ is that the ‘me’ ends up as a mere conclusion. It is an endpoint, a finish. In other words, it is pretty much dead from the get go. We may try to enliven the dead-ness though because it just doesn’t give real nourishment. Real sustenance comes from the aliveness that is not manufactured but just ‘Is’.

The common solution to this dilemma is to get more ’stuff’ to include experiences, which is just another form of ’stuff’. The ‘me’ cannot be remediated. The solution is only losing this conclusion.

Alas, the ‘me’ is merely a vapid idea with a built-in finality. Conversely, there are no conclusions to being Being-ness. Being-ness is not in a construct of time nor is it an idea or some form of ’stuff’. Being-ness is the formless-ness that enlivens all forms. 

Moreover, there is no time to end anything in Being-ness. Being-ness is the eternal aliveness that we really Are without the dross of a finality. Being-ness is never finished Being. Conclusions typify qualities of finite-ness.

Oneness cannot step outside of Itself. Divinity is not an idea. The boundless spacious-ness of who We Are, allows the ‘me’. Freedom is ‘from’ the ‘me’ and it’s conclusions. Freedom is never ‘for’ the ‘me’ nor any conclusions. Freedom is always available as It Is Now and prior to all things. We Are the freedom that Is undefinable and unlimited.

Being-ness is the totality before ideas with no stops. It Is Us free, open, and uncluttered spaciousness. This is the only identity. Everything Is Here. Love makes no conclusions. Love Loves unconditionally.        

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