Is existence here right now?  Do we need access to this existence? Is existence an effort?  Do we have to have an understanding to have existence?  Can we NOT have existence? How do we know there is existence?  Does thought tell us we are existing?  Or does existence Itself inform us?  Does existence communicate with us?  How does existence inform us? Does silence feel like existence? Is existence a thing? Does everyone have existence? Do animals have existence?  Is existence universal?  Is our existence effortless?  Have we ever made an effort to exist? What is this existence?  Can we hang a form on existence?  Does our existence age and fade over time? Does anyone have more or less existence?  Are there different kinds of existence?  Is existence permanent?  Does existence ever die? Does existence change ever? Is existence time-based? Does existence interfere with our life?  Do I have to think about existence to know it?  Is there anything I have to learn about existence?    How does existence differ from life?  Is existence prior to life? Does the so-called ‘me’ exist? Does existence require belief?

Existence Is period. The existence of the singularity of awareness tells us that we are Us. Everything after ‘that’ is after ‘that’. What Is prior is the formless substrate that can only be known by the unacquired ‘Knowing’ knowing Itself. ‘Subsequently’ is in time. If there is a ‘subsequent’ life it is but a dream. So ‘subsequently’ is the dreaming of the dream by the eternal. Eternity never slips out of eternity. ‘Subsequently’ is an illusion called time.

Remaining as ‘Eternity’ is ‘Eternity’ never leaving eternity. Time just ‘appeared’ to be ‘subsequently’ so.

The screen never lost identity with the movie playing on it and never was in ’time’ to leave ‘time’.

There is no-one trapped in the movie. It is just a movie. A real movie whose nature is unreal. Life in the movie will often get compelling -but deliberately so. When ‘it’ gets overwhelming, the character loses all sense of control resulting in really not knowing anything anymore. ’That’ is the opening to the character to see that there is nothing to the character. At that point, there is only the screen. The character has vanished, leaving only the reality of the screen.  The character never really existed.

See the eternity of Being-ness first and last.

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