The polarities of of choosing ‘to do’ and/or ‘not to do’ are part of the same structure. So when we suggest that we now choose to ‘not be’ the ‘doer’, we essentially have a tendency to go to the other polarity of doing ‘not doing’, so we can become the ‘non-doer’. 

The question then becomes “Are we the same ‘doer’ but now ‘doing’ nothing?” Is ‘doing’ now formatted into a more subtler ‘doer’?  

The ‘me’, for survival reasons, will attempt to slip into this new goal of ‘not doing’. As long as the ‘me’ can be the ‘doer’ in a new format, the ‘me’ will seemingly exist with all the previous associated limitations of the ‘me’.

Lifelong patterns of behavior are problematically deterministic in outcomes that do not address the fallacy of ‘me’. Being the center of attention for a lifetime is not something easily and/or consciously dropped. The tendencies of ‘me’ generally need to unwind as opposed to being dropped in one fell swoop.

Losing everything and getting nothing for the ‘me’ in one moment is often what is desired. This desire is usually identified as coming from the ‘me’, unfortunately making the ‘me’ more seemingly present. This example is another form of ‘doing’ non-doing.

True Nature happens with ‘no doing/doer’ and/or ‘non-doing/non-doer’.

An aspect of ‘Oneness’ is no limitation and/or definition. To define or limit ‘Oneness’ is to divide and separate ‘Oneness’ into some thing. Oneness can never not be ‘Oneness’ as everything is its expression.

There are no instructions for the ‘me’. The ‘me’ is illusion. To give instructions to an illusion is insanity. And the ‘me’ can’t/won’t let go. Ergo, to let go of the ‘me’ cannot be ‘done’. The ‘doing’ is the ‘me’.

Being has no meaning (or limited goals). To have meaning is to try to confirm with the mind or ‘me’. Being needs no confirmation. And there is no choice anyway. When there is a choice, there is a ‘me’. Being is complete Being. And, It Is all Being.

Dropping all the mind additives leaves nothing. And Being doesn’t even need ‘dropping’ as Being always Is Now the ’Nothing’ that Is Everything.

Accepting our True Nature is not in time. It Is Now, Now, and Now. Looking for an experience is separation to a ‘future’ time.

Relaxing into Being Is Being Being Now with nothing added and nothing needed. Nothing, to include no conceptual knowing, reveals formless-ness expressing formless-ness with no stops, ever.

Just Be. There is not even an ‘un-doing’. 

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