The idea of a person is just an idea. Ideas come and go just as the ‘person’ that shows up arriving and departing. There are times when we witness no ideas or ‘persons’ coming or going.

The ‘idea’ of a ‘person’ is merely an idea. When the person or idea is not present then where are we and who are we? When we are immersed in the person then that ’idea’ is what we identify with and act from. 

Seemingly, we reengage as the ‘person’ just like we would reengage with any other ‘idea’. That is, all this happens from the stability of ‘where’? Both the person and the idea do not occupy the space of where all this takes place 100 % of the time. Yes? The question then becomes where is the ‘where’ where everything (person/ideas) move in and out of?

It cannot be the person or idea since these moving objects have no sustenance. They show up when they show up. But they do not sustain. Where is the sustenance or the platform for their arising/falling?

Believing an idea and/or believing in personhood is mere belief untested. There is no ‘real’ person or any permanent idea with any permanence. These concepts are manufactured things. There is no life here. The life that is witnessed is formless animating form. To consider ‘form’ a person is to erringly overlook the movement that is animating the form. Drugging ourselves with beliefs does not make personhood more important than the reality animating it.

The person/form has life animating it. The person/form is not life itself. This distinction is commonly overlooked and distorted resulting in the ‘form’ having more significance than the substantive formless-ness that is life Itself.   

As far as ‘experiencing’ is concerned, we err here as well, vaunting the static-ness of experience over experiencing. Experience belongs to the temporal nature of a ‘person’. Experiencing belongs to no-one as there is no-one ‘experiencing’ except ‘experiencing’.

Life does not need an ‘experiencer’. It is too much of a stop. Life is happening without a need for a stop or ‘what happened’. The perfection of life living has no need to Monday morning quarterback to figure out improvements. Perfection is without a need to correct. Additionally It Is always Now, a timeless Now. When would you go back when there is no time in the Vastness of “What Is”? 

The ‘person’ is analogous to ‘experience’.  Nothingness is analogous to ‘experiencing’. Ideas are things with built-in limitations. What is ‘real’ and what is ‘life’ has no limitations. ’That’ formless-ness experiencing is formless-ness. The appearances are formless-ness appearing as form. 

Ultimately there is nothing but formless-ness. Ultimately there is no where to stop despite the appearance of a person or an idea. There is no experience to be had. It is only experiencing experiencing ad infinitum. 

Love all and serve all. There is no ‘other’ experience.  

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