Often there is an elemental and artificial adding of delusion into our reality at its very outset. Normally and commonly, we start with a very basic but consequential thought that changes/distorts everything upstream. Do we even recognize what that thought could be?

Even before the content of experience comes online, we begin with the fabrication of an ‘idea’ of self. This ‘idea’ establishes a ’stop’ that is called ‘me’. This ‘me’ is merely an idea into which we press a lot of weight into. 

Despite its artificialness, the ‘me’ puts itself front and center in our seeming reality. One of the very first things of consequence is that life is believed to be happening to ‘me’. When this ‘idea’ shows up, there begins a massive shoveling of ‘happenings’ into the tiny idea called ‘me’. 

The distortion is that Reality is stopped and ‘pushed’ into an artificial un-alive concept (of ‘me’). Unfortunately, there is a lot of substance to Reality for which the manufactured ’me’ is insufficiently prepared to deal with successfully. Life is then recognized as inevitable struggle. Life is then ’seen’ as happening to ‘me’.

The consequences of believing in this elemental idea is truly ‘life changing’. Believing or not believing in the idea of ‘me’ can be imprisonment or can be true freedom. Additionally, there is always a subsequent belief in other ‘ideas’ that only compound suffering and the density of a ‘me’.

Losing the ‘idea’ of ‘me’ cannot be performed by the ‘me’ as the ‘me’ is the judge, jury, and advocate. The bias is built into the ‘me’. But this perspective is merely a perspective. Seeing from the ‘me’ is doomed to always end up as the ‘me’ despite the shallow pretenses.

Going to what is prior to the ‘me’ is going to another perspective that does not include the ‘me’ and its callousness to change. Life is happening to no-one here. Life Is Us happening through our limited bodies. Life Is Us with no stops for the idea of ‘me’. When Life seemingly stops it has an artificial flavor as the frequency changes to a greater density due to an attempt to control Life. Life has no perspective as It Is at It’s highest freedom -“What Is”.

Seeing from the perspective of everything everywhere happening at once with no stops and no time is true freedom. There is no binding or holding here. No-one has to surrender as there is no-one there but the Oneness. Pure Openness receives everything equally as everything is ultimately Pure Openness.

There is no-one to ‘have’ any experience as there is only ‘experiencing’. Nothing can happen to ‘anyone’ as there is no-one there to receive the happening except the ‘happening’. And the ‘happening’ is always receiving Itself as Itself. There is no ‘other’ unless we ‘believe’ there is. Thought is an endpoint not a beginning.

What ‘happened’ has nothing to do with “What Is”.  The ‘me’ as believed to be in control is out of control.  Person is a construct. See through the concepts. Aliveness Is Being. And there is no control in Being Being.

Awareness or Being-ness is not an object to be had. There’s no-one to have anything. The ‘me’ cannot have Awareness. There is no Awareness in the ‘me’. Awareness never leaves nor can leave as It always Is Us. What Is always happening Is Us, that is Awareness (Being Being). Be the happening. Be the experiencing. Be the effortlessness of no doing or doer-ship. The happening never stops for anyone.


  1. A thought arose: search the phrase “the happening never stops”, and this is that. Aham Brahmasmi gets at it – Eternal labeless Existence Experiencing Itself without Separation

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