The issue of seeking something that we already Are, has already been given a good hearing. Briefly recapping this concept; to ‘seek’ some ‘idea’ by another ‘idea’ called ‘me’, is to embrace limitation while expecting liberation from the prison of limitation (ideas). 

Ain’t gonna happen. Staying with ideas aka endpoints, is locking ourselves in for continued futility and continued suffering. Staying with the idea of ‘me’ of becoming something under the ‘branding of enlightenment’, is to snap the trap the ‘me’ has set to remain ‘me’. ‘Me’ is in survival mode when threatened with extinction and will easily morph to a ‘better’ idea of ‘me’. 

‘Me’ is suffering and seemingly desires to not suffer so it looks at its options. Completely losing the ‘me’ is usually out of the question. We all can concur with that plight. The ‘me’ will certainly try to use spirituality and/or ‘goodness’, to seemingly lose the selfishness of ’me’ while seemingly transforming the ‘me’ into a ‘good me’.   

This is one idea shaping another idea into an ‘acceptable’ and an ’approved’ status. It may be a better idea but it still remains as a blatant limitation on our Vastness. The ‘death of the me’ is normally not our first or second option. The Vastness of nothing/everything can never be diminished but the ‘me’ can. However, losing the ‘me’ completely does not come easily. Plus the ‘me’ is essentially incapable of doing it.

The hard core belief in the ‘me’ as ‘self’ is hardwired into our conditioning. But this belief is only a belief. The ‘me’ is an illusion and an artificial limitation vis-a-vis a ‘belief’.

The clarity of seeing all beliefs as untested hypotheses goes a long way to releasing this self-induced imposition on whom we think we are.

We are not the ‘me’. Seeking the ‘me’ is an attempt to make an object out of The Vastness of Oneness. There is no ‘me’ and the Vastness can have no limits, otherwise it would not be the boundless Vastness. It Is only the Vastness.

However well-intentioned we may be to ‘not’ seek because of the massive contradiction of seeking for what is already present, we then go to ‘not seeking’. 

’Not seeking’ is also a conceptual approach to divining our spirituality. ’Not seeking’ spirituality is the flip side of ’seeking spirituality’. It is the same record, just the ‘B’ side. 

’Not seeking’ is also using the ‘me’ despite the ‘me’ denying it is the ‘me’ behind this effort. And it is an effort. While there is no effort to Being Being there is plenty of effort in ‘not seeking’. ’Not seeking’ is an active ‘pushing’ in the other direction than ’pushing ‘to seek’. 

There is no ‘pushing’ in effortless Being. When we are resting as Awareness, Awareness has no place that it needs to go. There is zero pushing in Awareness as It’s everything-ness Is Awareness.

The ‘me’ is a pusher that needs constant refueling for its sustenance. Our thought-centered existence fuels that voracious need. Being-ness is not dependent on thoughts/ideas/concepts.

No effort is needed to Be. Existence Is. To seek to Be is to ‘not’ Be. To ‘not’ seek to Be is to pretend to be Being. Either option is conceptual and equally not real. Being-ness Is. The ‘me’ is an active pretense of ‘trying’ when any ‘trying’ is an immediate departure from effortless Being.

The end of the ‘me’ is the end of something that never actually happened, except seemingly so. Being-ness was never effected.

The stories of the ‘me’ have no effect on Being-ness. Believing and/or understanding by the ‘me’ does not allow an unfettered access to Being-ness. Authentic ’not knowing’, not believing and ’not understanding’, undermines the ‘me’ allowing the possibility of direct experiencing of Being Being. Letting go of the limitations of thinking, believing, and understanding creates an ‘openness’ to receive Being-ness. The illusory ‘me’ is then clearly seen as illusory.

Being-ness has no position as It Is all open-ness unbridled. There are no stops here. Having a position is having a stop. All views are Being-ness. No ‘one’ view can contain this Vastness. The ‘me’ is a ‘view’. Lose the ‘me’ and it’s little view of doing or not doing. It Is just Being.

What is actually happening is always just happening. There is no one there to stop for ‘in the happening’. There is no one ‘seeking’ or ‘not seeking’. We Are the Oneness freely effortlessly happening.        

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