We are in control of being out of control. When we are concerned with ‘what’ instead of “What Is”, we invest our Oneness in ‘otherness’. We are controlling the appearance or forms with ‘other’ appearances or forms like concepts and reactions. This type of controlling is at the endpoint of creation and not the aliveness of the immediacy of the ‘Now’.

Having control or not having control is not the imperative Here. We seemingly need to have control in order to modify the illusion we insist in believing in. What need is there to control when there is only the Oneness of Nothing/Everything?!

We are out of control not because We ‘Are’ but because the ‘me’ can never be truly in control despite any belief to make it so. The false self or ‘me’ is always looking for control due to its illusory nature i.e. delusion. There is no ‘me’ except seemingly so through imagination, projection, and a lifetime of conditioning.

Separation from the Oneness into the duality of control/out of control makes sense only when there are two ‘things’ going on i.e. self and other. The duality of control makes no sense when there is just one of ‘Oneness’.

So ‘becoming’ is a conditional controlling utilizing the ‘how’ of techniques and strategies.

What the false self is looking for is ‘conditional’ existence when pure existence is un-conditional. There is not even a ‘holding’ to the relaxed state of existence. It just Is. Who would be ‘holding’ whom? ‘It’ Is un-conditional. Any attempt to add conditions to the ‘unconditional’ would not be possible.

The ‘Oneness’ does not need the complication of ‘how’. Becoming something is clear separation from Reality. Reality ‘Is’ needing no such idea as ‘becoming’. Starting with ‘becoming’ is starting outside of “What Is”. There is no expressway to Being through this gambit. Becoming is clearly outside of the permanence of whom We really Are. And whom we Are never changes nor can change It’s inviolable nature. The ‘how’ of techniques or project-type strategies essentially ignore “What Is”.

Surrendering everything to emptiness certainly includes all the ‘hows’. There is no ‘how’ Here. It just Is.

Even having an interest in becoming and/or losing the ‘me’, is too much. That ‘interest’ is unnecessary to what is always the “What Is”.

Surrendering the ‘hows’ and the interest in becoming, is without the ‘me’ even surrendering. We would have to create a ‘me’ to surrender. Letting go of all structures, concepts, stories, and techniques finds ‘Us’, aka Nothingness.

We Are already all ‘that’ Now. Feel the longing in the heart that has never left. It Is the touchpoint of Beingness. This is not a ‘how’ or a ‘what’. It Is ‘the remembering’. There is nothing to think about here. There is nothing to do. There is no ‘how’ or technique. It is existence Itself.

Surrendering Is constant Beingness. It Is being Being without the obscuration of a ‘doing’ and/or any temporary appearance to invest in. Be ‘That’ effortlessly Now. What needs to be Present is always Present.

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