There is no knower of ‘the Knowing’ -only ‘Knowing’. Knowing ‘Knowing’ is being Self consciously. There is no separate self ‘becoming’.

Trying and doing or in other words, ‘becoming’, is a distraction from “What Is” and It’s eternal permanence. When we are locked into the story, our story, we promote the story and ‘dis’ the Presence of Being or knowing ‘Knowing’.

‘Becoming’ never reaches Being. ‘Becoming’ has a future in it. ‘Becoming’ cannot be present to Be. ‘Becoming’ can never reach Being as it is always reaching past Being’s presence.

Having a story of ‘becoming’ is having attention and priority on the story. This attention aids and abets the continuation of a story. The story obscures Presence in that the ‘We’ seemingly is not Here for It. The story pulls attention from Being to honor and target temporary appearances that do not have an independent existence. i.e. the illusory ‘me’.

Even in the story, Being-ness never actually leaves, as awareness is aware or ‘Knowing’ of the story. The ‘aliveness’ of Being is still in the story but seemingly in the background.

The ‘Knowing’ of appearances is knowing seemingly focused on the foreground of temporary phenomena, usually to the exclusion of knowing ‘Knowing”. Knowing ‘Knowing’ is attending on Self that effortlessly magnifies It’s Presence or Being-ness. There is no chasing of phenomena Here. There is no denying of phenomena Here. Phenomena is ultimately Being-ness as everything is Being-ness. Analagously, there is no difference between the computer screen and the image on the screen. An empty screen is still a screen as is an image-laden screen.

The ‘Knowing’ of ‘that’ never changes. The ‘Knowing’ of appearances does not change the ‘Knowing’. An image of our personal body/mind on the screen does not give life to the image. The computer screen and the image are one and the same. The image does not have its own existence here. The ‘Knowing’ pervades everything, Being existence Itself.

Presence is confirmed without being someone separate from the unity of the image/screen. The ‘Knowing’ abides unrestricted even when there is an over-emphasis on on the image (me-ing). Me-ing appears to have overcome true ‘Knowing’ only in an illusion that is not sustainable. ‘Knowing’ can never really leave or be obscured as ‘It’ Is all ‘Knowing’. See ‘that’ from the unimpeachable ‘Knowing’ that Is ever Present.

All of our five senses plus thought, have ‘Knowing’ characteristically found in every sense and every thought. This ‘Knowing’ cannot be excised from sentience as that would remove all perceptions. “Knowing’ is central to Being or existence. This existence is unconditional.

There is no ‘knower’. It Is all ‘Knowing’. Resonate with ‘that’. ‘That’ Is everything.

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