When there is nothing left to protect for ‘me’, does the ‘me’ need to exist?

When we are doing ‘doing’, it is in most cases on behalf of a ‘me’. When we stop working for the fictitious ‘me’, what is left? Who is there to protect? Who is there to have and hold anything?

Losing the need to control ‘content’ is not necessarily losing content. But rather, we lose the need for content to be controlled and owned by ‘me’.

Content is essentially neutral unless we charge it with the possessive ‘ours’. Separation is birthed through ‘mine/yours’. Under these conditions, separation immediately steps in and debases love (unity) vis-a-vis content.

Love, unconditional love, has no conditions, ever. Content is ephemeral while Love Is.

When we ‘carry’ any content, emptiness is occluded. Content needs no carrier. Content will come and go as needed for this dream. The point can never be to ‘own’ or ‘carry’ any content. To do so would of course perjure who We really Are.

To fear loss of content is to thoroughly miss the point of ‘not having’ content. The appearance of ‘fear’ relative to content, is clarity telling us something about joining this cult of separation from Oneness. Obviously, when there is no fear of loss of content, separation cannot arrive and/or be sustained. 

Attachment to content can never really be enjoyed given the fear that must arise to protect it. Enjoyment of content is exceptionally present when freedom to enjoy content, is viscerally felt with no room for fear of loss.

Spaciousness has no real content to include the content of a ‘me’. ‘Someone’ would be more content. Seeing clearly a ‘someone’ as ‘content’, is seeing from ‘no content’. If ‘someone’ is trying to ’see’ from the idea of someone, then that is more content. In other words, ‘the view’ is no particular view. Having a ‘view’ is content. Again, having ‘my view’, is owning the appearance of content.

Freedom from a view and/or freedom from identifying with content, Is Spaciousness with no walls or boundaries.

Fearlessness is naturally aligned with Being spacious, as Spaciousness is permanent yet has no permanent content. And even the content appearing is impermanent, as ‘it’ is ultimately Spaciousness. Here, there is no place for ‘fear’ to reside. The unity of it all is resonating with the ultimate integration of everything, to include the seeming appearance of fear/separation, and other content.

Enjoy life and the content with the view of Spaciousness as open flowing appearances. Embracing Spaciousness first/always, is embracing the spuriousness of the appearance and disappearance of content. The uncertainty of content’s appearance/disappearance is to be loved not feared. Fear nothing as everything is truly nothing. Content then is content-less, attached to nothing.

Love Is enough.

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