Resting in the vastness of nothing anywhere and everywhere, we See only Love knowing Itself. There are no appearances here, just the Now. Words cannot reach Here as Silence Is existing as that emptiness. Words, as form, cannot explain, define, or reach this Isness. It Is a Silence that fills the spaceless space of nothing.

There is no effort to do or say anything Here. What can be done? What can be said? The Fullness Is always ‘full’.

Furthermore, there is no-one to let anything go. That would be a false pretense. Resting in the Knowing of Silence is acknowledging the obviousness of everything. Everything is always pointing to Everything. There is no somebody to receive anything.

Silence Is the Openness. Going to the words can create a ‘loading’ and a subsequent ‘stop’ of flow if there is any clinging to any words and/or concepts. It is not about the words but about what the words are carrying, i.e. the divine resonance. This resonance is free of any ‘things’. The resonance is prior and ‘a priori’. The formlessness of Silence is resonating empty/fullness, needing no form (words) ever.

Wordless Silence has Presence not quietness. Being quiet is not Being. ‘Quiet’ is too much putting on of something. It is a throwing of words at Being-ness. Being-ness Is wordless. Being-ness does nothing to include being quiet. At the same time this Presence is in all words with no words to define It.

Everything is just happening. ‘Having’ words and/or being someone is falsely creating separation from ‘just happening’. ‘Just happening’ is never happening to ‘someone’. Adding a ‘someone’ is an attempt to add to what is full and cannot be added to. Wordlessness receives Itself without needing a ‘someone’ to interpret.

The Silence of Being is in receipt of Itself, always. There is only one field of Knowing the Knowing. There is no individual consciousness Here. A false ‘someone’ does not appear and have their own consciousness independent of Consciousness. Everyone/everything Is one consciousness undivided. The field where it happens is not an historical event. It Is always happening to the happening Now ad infinitum.

The answer asked for and/or needed is moot. There is no answer as there is no one who needs to know. The ‘Knowing’ is perennially and silently Present. Knowing the wordless Knowing reveals no questions that need answering. And then there can be no one looking to find any answer from any seeming story.

There is nothing to get out of the phenomenological appearance that does not have an independent existence. Love the wordlessness of just Being effortless Silence, empty and full always.  

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